Where To Find Gutter Guard Supplies

You have probably heard how http://theleafman.com.au is gaining popularity in Australia. Since its inception in 2002 as a simple family business, The Leaf Man Gutter Guard has grown from humble beginnings to one of the most respected and established companies that offers superior quality products, as far as your gutter protection is concerned. So you may be wondering where you can find gutter guard supplies, if you have made the wise decision of installing them on your roof.

First, before you decide which guard best suits your needs, the most important thing is to contact the experts. When you call the contact number, 1300 888 743, or e-mail support at info@theleafman.com.au, you will get expert advice together with a quote of how much you would need. If you decide to e-mail or leave a message, be sure to fill in the form provided in the website with the relevant information such as name, e-mail address, location (both state and suburb), and your phone details. This will make it easier for the quote to be given to you.

gutter guard supplies

There are suppliers all over the major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

With that said, it is good to know a little more on the technology behind these famous products.

Zinculume steel, is what most of our guards are made of. It is better than aluminum, and is more durable than stainless steel. In the manufacture of our gutter guards, we have chosen the process of expanding steel so as to maintain its overall strength and weight. In this way, when the holes are punched on them, they do not lose their quality. As the expanded steel loses its rust-resistance qualities, it is covered by a 360ยบ powder-coat of Colorbond which ensures a lifetime guarantee. So that is the first thing to check when making a purchase.

Even though we can ship and supply our products to any part of Australia (with orders leaving the factory within 48-72 hours) we do not encourage DIY installations. We have expert trades-person who can do the job for you professionally. This is mainly in Sydney and Melbourne. With years of experience, we can boast of being on many roofs than any other company in Australia. However, if you have a reputable trades-person in the wider Australia, our products come with a set of clear and illustrated instructions they can follow. We would honor warranty only if they are installed professionally.

Depending on the size and the measurements, the distance of the delivery and the material used in the manufacture of the gutter guards, the availability and the price of the products will vary. A catalog of the various products we have can be made available to you, once you contact us for your inquiries. So make sure you contact us on the number provided for your gutter guard supplies, to avoid fraudulent transactions.

Contact The Leaf Man Australia for your gutter guard supplies today!