gutter guards

Gutter Guards

The build up of leaves & debris along with rainwater encourages an environment loved by some potentially deadly insects and bacteria.

Mosquito’s LOVE this environment and because of this, contribute significantly to the Dengue Fever epidemic. Dengue Fever is a viral disease transmitted by certain mosquito’s found in tropical areas around the world, including Australia.

Dengue Fever disease causes serious health complications, some potentially fatal.

Cleaning out your gutters and installing The Leaf Man Gutter Guards is a sure way to prevent the build-up of leaf debris.

Mesh holes in The Leaf Man gutter guards allow sunlight into the bottom of the gutters, which kills fungi and bacteria.

Gutter guards come in all different colours and varieties but all serve the same ultimate purpose.

As well as protecting your home from leaf build up and potential deadly diseases, gutter guards also offer the following benefits:

Rainwater Harvesting

Being able to collect rainwater is a great advantage and can significantly cut water bills for your home. Gutter guards help to keep the water flowing into your tank clean and free of leaves and twigs.


Debris usually block gutters and downpipes causing huge flooding and possible roof damage should a hailstorm hit your home. Gutter guards allow fast water flow through your pipes and protect your gutters from ice damage.

Bush Fire Protection

Gutter guards stop the accumulation leaves and twigs in gutters, which are at high risk of becoming alight, should embers land in your gutters. Gutter Guards let leaves and twigs slide over the gutters, keeping them clear and less of a fire risk.

The Leaf Man Gutter Guards really are your key to roof protection!