Why do I need Gutter Guards?

Many people ask the question, ‘Why do I need gutter guards?’ They work without you needing to do anything which means you often don’t see just how the purchase of your gutter guard is paying off.

Did you know gutters had a life span? If you think they will last forever, you are mistaken. Like everything they are prone to aging and wear and tear. Eventually they will stop doing what they are there to do. Maintaining and cleaning your gutters is an important part of extending their life. To make your job easier, you can purchase gutter mesh gutter guards. This gutter protection will save you time and hassle of a lot of cleaning. Cleaning gutters can be a dangerous task involving climbing up a ladder, and standing on it while you clean out the gutters, or even standing on the roof. Sometimes you may even need to pay a handy man to do the cleaning. Save yourself all of this by getting a gutter guard and keep your clean gutters. If you don’t have a gutter guard and you neglect your gutters, the leaves and organic matter that can get caught in your gutters becomes a fire hazard and a safety hazard particularly in the hot weather.

gutter guards gutter protection

Gutter guards look great and keep your gutters clean.

If you don’t have gutter protection and you neglect cleaning your gutters, they will eventually get clogged, and clogged gutters can lead to a range of other problems.

– When you gutters get cloggd, you stand the risk of possible flooding in your house.

– When water settles in the gutters, unable to flow through it increases the possibility of rust and corrosion.

– Clogged gutters may still allow the water to run off but it will be running slower than usual. This can often cause mould in the moist condition in your ceiling space and can even cause dampness in your walls.

– Pests can be attracted to large pools of stagnant water that gets stuck in your gutters.

So next time you ask yourself why do I need gutter guards, you can now give yourself the answer. They help with a large range of things; less cleaning, reducing wear and tear, preventing pests, reducing fire hazards and preventing mould and flooding.

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