Have a rainwater tank? Keep your water clean with gutter guards!

If you have a rainwater tank you may wish to look into getting yourself gutter guards to keep your water leaf free. Gutter guards and gutter mesh leaf protection systems are one form of pre-filtration before rainwater enters your tank. There are some things to think about when you are considering getting gutters guards to protect your rainwater.

Here are some helpful tips:

– Ensure the gutter guards comply with local council fire ratings. To comply with fire ratings the gutter guards will usually need to be made of steel mesh. The Leaf Man gutter guards are made with Bluescope steel and have a 0 fire rating from CSIRO.

gutter guards

Gutter Guards will not trap your leaves.

– Be sure the mesh pattern on the gutter guards is not going to trap falling leaves and debris. To keep your rainwater clean, you need to ensure the leaves don’t build up. This is also important to prevent fire hazards. Our gutter guards leave no room for leaves to get stuck or trapped so you can feel safe with The Leaf Man gutter mesh protection.

– Be aware that some maintenance will be required on an ongoing basis. No gutter guard will prevent the need to clean gutters completely however, they do drastically reduce the number of times you will be required to climb on your roof to clean.

– Take not of what warranty is provided with your leaf protection. You receive a 25 year performance warranty when fitted by The Leaf Man Australia.

– Ensure the gutter guard is not going to be an eye sore. Make sure you choose the right colour to match your roof. The Leaf Man gutter guards are compatible with steel, aluminium, copper and tile and come in a range of colours so you can be confident that the look of your roof will not be affected by adding our gutter protection.