If you are having trouble dealing with leaves or other debris clogging up your gutters, then it is about time you considered installing a gutter leaf guard. It may seem as a minor thing to do, but if you look at the dangers that dry leaves on a roof may cause, you will think twice about it. Just to shed some light into this, here are some of the usefulness of having a gutter leaf guard.

A Gutter Leaf Guard Provides Protection From Potential Fire Hazards.

If you consider that here in Australia, we have had incidences of bush fires mostly caused by the extreme temperatures that we experience during summer. A roof, or a gutter for that matter, having dry leaves can be a source of fuel for the unforeseen danger of a fire. A gutter leaf guard is an effective way of making sure that this doesn’t happen. The leaves don’t get to settle and clog up the gutters. More so, they have been tested to have a zero-flammability rating, certified by CSIRO. This will put a smile on your face, knowing that your home is ideally protected against fire.

How it works is really simple. Using the example of the gutter mesh, found at The Leaf Man, the leaves will be filtered over the gutter, letting only water to sip through and into the gutter, and down the downspouts. You can then easily sweep the leaves away, without having to go on the roof to do so.

gutter leaf guard


Ensures Cleaner Water Collection For Use Around the House.

Besides this, it can serve as a cleaner and easier way to collect rain water into tanks, which can be used for gardening or other washing chores, saving you a lot on water bills. But all this is possible, only if you put up a gutter leaf guard on your gutters. Compared to others, the technology used in building these gutter leaf guards ensures that minimal amount of water goes over the guard when there is a heavy downpour. I mean, you don’t want a guard that will end up blocking the gutter now, do you?

Health Risks Caused by Birds Living on Your Gutters Are Reduced.

While this may seem like an insensitive thing, birds that build homes into your gutters may end up, either damaging it, or causing diseases from the germs and insects left behind by them. Excretions, for example, can end up in your water tank and this can cause it to be unsafe for human use. Your health is more important in this case, so ensure your family’s safety by installing a leaf guard on your gutters.


Looking at all these useful tips, and many more that we may not have mentioned, it would be a wise thing to have this in your home. The Leaf Man offers these unique gutter leaf guards for an affordable price, here in Australia. For an Australian made, readily available, expert advices, and affordable solution, visit the website www.theleafman.com.au.

Our products meet the compliance needs of the Building Code of Australia, Bush fire Attack Levels and NSW Rural Fire Service. They have stood the test of time, and have come out on top. You will be glad you made that choice.