Is a Gutter Leaf Guard really significant in your home?

All home owners in Australia know that a Gutter leaf guard is essential for every home. It does not matter the location of your property, as you will be dealing with debris every day. For those living in the countryside, you will have to deal with debris from trees around you and for those living in metropolitan areas, with birds, pests and leaf debris finding their way to your gutter.

Can a leaf Guard actually protect your home?

I know you are wondering how something as simple as a leaf guard can protect your home! Leave skepticism and let’s consider the comprehensive picture and discuss how a Gutter Leaf Guard can actually protect your home.

1. Fire protection.

Have you ever witnessed a bush fire? The sheer sight of a bush fire is mortifying. Picture a forest fire near your home, spreading rapidly and consuming every dry debris in the vicinity. The wind blows it and it rises to your roof which has a gutter filled with debris! Don’t imagine what will happen next. You can avoid this scenario by simply installing a Gutter leaf guard.

2. Prevent Leaves and Debris from accumulating in your Gutter.

Imagine not having to spend the entire afternoon just cleaning your gutter nearly every weekend in autumn! The first thing which comes to your mind after slaving yourself cleaning your gutter, is cutting down your beautiful trees as they are the primary source of this dirt. Relax, don’t go to such extremes. A gutter leaf guard is built just for that purpose. It allows your trees to blossom and shed leaves without giving you the additional work of cleaning your gutters every now and then.
gutter leaf guard

3. Improve Water Quality.

The main reason you have installed a Gutter on your roof is to harvest rain water. You probably want to cut down your water bill. But every time it rains, you find yourself harvesting dirty water filled with debris. This water can not be used for bathing let alone cooking purposes. This is because you don’t have a Gutter Leaf Guard guarding your gutter. The primary function of a gutter guard is to prevent dirt from accumulating in your gutters, and this will drastically improve the quality of your harvested water.

4. Help Keep Birds and Vermin at Bay.

Do you know that your gutter provides accommodation for various birds and pests for free? Probably not! But then when was the last time you cleaned your gutter for yourself without hiring your local service company? You should know that birds and pests often make their nests on unprotected channels. They then proceed to camp in your ceiling thus introducing lice, ruining electric cables and destroying ceilings. To avoid this, you need to install a gutter leaf guard. It will protect your gutters from bird and pest invasion.

The role which a Gutter Leaf Guard plays in safeguarding our homes are unlimited. Avoid the inconvenience associated with unprotected gutters and install a Gutter Leaf Guard on your roof. As we all know, prevention helps avoid the expenses associated with treatment!