Gutter Leaf Guard

Gutter Leaf Guard

Installing Gutter Leaf Guard protectors on your home (Gutter Guards) will protect your home from water damage that happens when your gutters are too full of debris to be able to cope with storm water.

Install A Gutter Leaf Guard System: What You Don’t Want  .

When deciding to purchase a gutter leaf protector, it is important to look at all aspects of what the system should do. A good quality Gutter Guard will:

  • Keep leaves and pests out of your gutters
  • Ensure the water is captured in your gutters and escapes down the downpipes and not over the top of your guttering system.
  • Should encourage leaves to blow off your roof in the wind and not get caught in the gutters.

Some Gutter Leaf Guard systems have holes that are too big or don’t properly cover the valleys. Leaves don’t come off and you can just move the problem from one place to another. These systems will be expensive and will do nothing. When Purchasing a Gutter Leaf  Guard System, ensure you are purchasing a good quality system by shopping around. Speak to friends and family, do online research and check warranties, doing so will ensure you purchase a good Gutter Leaf Guard System.

Other problems people see with cheap Gutter Leaf Guard systems include the following . . .

Some Gutter Leaf Guard systems use inserts into the gutter and leaves a flat surface once installed. The leaves clump on top of the gutter guard and you still have to clean them off your roof. While the leaves aren’t getting into your gutters (which is a good thing) you still have to get up and clean your gutters (which is a pain!).

Some systems have tiny holes. They keep the leaves out and the leaves fall off your roof. However, they also keep the water out in heavy rain and the water simply sheets off your roof, cascading over the edge of the gutter. This does just as much damage to your home as if you didn’t have gutters on your home to begin with.

Don’t get sucked into the scam of buying a do-it-yoursel gutter guard system. Inexpensive do-it-yourself products where you place a piece of plastic mesh into a gutter rarely last a season. By then, the company selling the product has made its money and knows you won’t be back for a refund.

Also be aware that a weakly made system will simply promote leaves becoming stuck in your gutters. Leaves and debris are persistent and can creep into the smallest of openings or crevasses. If your Gutter Leaf Guard system isn’t well made and leaves spaces in between the gutter guard system and the gutter or roof leaves will get stuck, block the gutters, and you will end up with more issues than you had to begin with.

It is very important when shopping for a Gutter Leaf Guard System that you know what you are buying. The Leaf Man has a great reputation for providing strong, long lasting gutter guard systems and the best customer service. Contact us today for more information on our products and services.