gutter maintenance

Reduce gutter maintenance with gutter guards

Gutter Maintenance

The Spring season brings warmer weather, full bloom flowers and shady trees and with it, a need for gutter maintenance.

Petals, seeds and seed pods are awful to clean out of your gutters as they stick to just about anything. Gutter maintenance is important as gutters protect your roof from damaged tiles and your home from flooding and foundation erosion.

If you don’t maintain your gutters properly leaf matter will collect in the top of the gutter instead of flushing down the downpipes like it’s intended to. If your gutters become blocked, water will pour over the top and sink into your basement or foundations- doing damage to your home that you installed gutter guards to avoid.

Is spending a day wobbling in the top of a ladder and digging sludge from your rain gutter not something you fancy yourself doing on a beautiful Spring day? There is another solution.

Gutter maintenance can also be achieved through the installation of gutter guards that cover your gutters and deflect the ‘big stuff’ from clogging your gutters and causing issues.

There are different designs available that will be better suited to different homes. The most common is a gutter screen, which catches leaves and allows them to be blown away by the wind once the rain has stopped. They are inexpensive and easy to install and will stretch out the time between gutter maintenance.

Other designs include the gutter hood, which covers the entire gutter but has a small channel to allow water to pass. This system allows debris to fly off your gutters even better than the gutter screen, optimising gutter maintenance for you!

Hybrid gutter covers are much the same as the gutter hood except with small holes instead of a channel.

The gutter filter is a newer technology designed like a sponge. The membrane inside the gutter allows water to flow freely but blocks the debris (much like the debris would blog your gutter). The filter does not absorb water nor does it allow plants to seed and grow so you won’t end up with a mushroom farm on your roof.

These options keep your rain gutters open, clean, and unclogged by leaves, twigs, and other debris, eliminating a day spent on a wobbly ladder and freeing your time to enjoy Spring.