gutter maintenance options

Gutter Maintenance Options

Home maintenance is considered to be one of the most time consuming activities that need to be done at home and roof maintenance must be done regularly. This includes gutter maintenance especially in locations that have trees as well as gardens. Gutter guards are just one of the gutter maintenance options available to reduce the work you need to do yourself.

Gutter Maintenance Options

Gutter guards are perceived to be a good gutter protection method but this is not fool proof. The purpose of gutter protection methods is to ensure that home maintenance is enhanced by preventing water to flow down on the foundation of the house.

This is because small debris and leaves can clog up the gutter and create small areas of standing water. Too much water retained on the roof gutters can eventually damage the roof resulting in increased spending for roof maintenance. This is considered to be especially dangerous since mosquitoes can lay their eggs on standing water. These mosquitoes will eventually be a danger to the household due to mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and, encephalitis, and malaria.

These can also be found under some gutter guards that are designed to have big diamond-shaped holes. Gutter guards with these larger holes can easily allow mosquitoes as well as other insects to pass through. Therefore, it is better to do your research and find out which is the best gutter guard protection for you, and then regularly check the gutter and the gutter guards to clean out clogs and minimize the chances of standing water.

Fine dust can still make it’s way through the gutter guards no matter how small the holes are. The problem with fine dust is that it can result to an adhesive like material when it dries especially in areas near downspouts.

We at The Leaf Man have worked on putting together what we believe to be the best gutter protection system possible. We aim to minimise the risk of gutter problems and roof maintenance issues. To talk to us further about gutter guards, how we can help, and how our gutter protection systems work, contact us.