There is no doubt that the most innovative way of protecting the gutters of your home is by the use of a gutter mesh cover. The advantages of these meshes, especially those made by The Leaf Man Gutter Guard, are numerous. Since 2002, this Australian company has been at the forefront of offering lasting solutions for homes and other buildings Australia-wide. But what is it that makes this the number one company in the manufacture of the gutter mesh cover?

Material used to Make the Gutter Mesh Cover

Gutter mesh covers are made from a rust-free material called BlueScope Colorbond & Zinculume Steel. This ensures that, apart from filtering out and preventing leaves from going into the gutter, they also last a lifetime. You will also not need to go up on the roof to clean your gutters often. Plastic meshes and other materials wear out easily, or are prone to pecking by birds, and are potentially hazardous to fire. The Leaf Man Gutter Guard meshes are certified and meet the Building Code of Australia rules, they have a zero flammability-index rating by CSIRO, and are much stronger than most of the materials in the market today.

gutter mesh cover

The Gutter Mesh Cover Design

The uniquely designed meshes ensure that even the thinnest leaves don’t make their way through the small holes. It all lies in the shaping and folding techniques, which has been perfected by the technicians and trades people working at the company. Birds have a habit of making nests in the roofs of houses, and they make their way there through the spaces left in-between the gutter and the roof line. The meshes offer this protection by either going under or over the roofing material, depending on the roof design.

The sizes and thickness of the mesh also determines how effective it is. From a thickness of 0.55mm at the lowest point and 2mm at the raised aperture, and a length of 1200mm a piece, you will have enough strength to last any kind of downpour and debris that hits it. The positioning of the aperture is determined by the pitch of the roof and the gutter.

What really makes them stand out from the competition is the flexibility of company in making them. Custom designed meshes can be powder-colored to prevent rust or metal reactions for the various weather conditions witnessed all around Australia. That is why it takes an Australian company that understands the country to offer solutions for your gutter needs. The standard width of the mesh is 195mm, but made-to-order sizes can go up to 800mm. The professional fitters will work with you to ensure you a stylish and effective material over your gutters. You can find suppliers and trades people all over Australia where these products are available.

The only measure you should take is to make sure you get genuine products, and for that you should call 1300 888 743, to talk to our dedicated staff.

So, as soon as you are ready for a gutter mesh cover, do not hesitate. Make the call and you will be happy with the results. Contact The Leaf Man today!