The Various Benefits of a Gutter Mesh Filter

Most homeowners are probably fed up with climbing to the roof several times a year in order to unclog blocked gutters. Even worse is parting with money to pay someone to do it. By installing a guttter mesh filter, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of maintenance that has to be done on gutters. In addition to saving the homeowner a lot of time and money, gutter mesh filters have a lot of benefits. Below is an overview of gutter mesh filters and their benefits.

A gutter mesh filter is fitted into an existing gutter. Its aim is to stop debris such as leaves from getting into the gutter and blocking it, the downpipes or the stormwater drain. This filter can be of great benefit to a home for several reasons. For one, they prevent leaves and other forms of debris from clogging up the gutters. This means the homeowner will not have to waste his or her precious time clearing out the blockages. Nor is there need to spend money hiring professionals to do the cleaning.

gutter mesh filter

Should the gutters get blocked, they are likely to overflow during instances of heavy rain. Such an overflow can be quite dangerous given that it can result in water entering the house and causing damage to the foundations. Also, gutters that overflow can cause ugly staining on the outside of a home. By installing a gutter mesh filter, all this is avoided.

These filters have the potential to improve flow of water via the gutters and downpipes, given that they prevent them from getting clogged up. This is good news for a homeowner who has rainwater tanks, as the tanks will fill up faster whenever it rains. Also, since the filter will remove contaminants and debris, the water collected into the tanks will be cleaner.

Gutter mesh filters can also stop vermin and insects such as mice, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches from breeding inside the gutters. They significantly reduce the amount of stagnant water that just lies on top of the gutter. With little stagnant water or none at all, it becomes unattractive and difficult for insects and rodents to use a gutter as a breeding ground. The filters also are a physical barrier that prevents birds, rodents and possums from finding their way onto a home’s roof space.

Gutter mesh filters employ sieve-like mesh screens or panels that separate roof debris and leaves from rainwater. They are much more effective when compared to other common gutter screens. These filters have a super-fine mesh that is small enough to capture even sand. It is due to this reason that the filters are popular for both rainwater recovery systems for collecting rainwater used in landscape watering, and convectional gutter guards.

When compared to other technologies for gutter guards, gutter mesh filter screens offer high quality performance. They prevent entry of nearly all roof debris, while capturing most of the water. Considering their benefits, any homeowner who gets these filters will find out that he or she has made a great investment.

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