Tips on Gutter Mesh Installation

Rain gutters are an important part of the infrastructure that keeps a house in good shape and dry. Their work is to collect rain water from the room, prevent it from pooling on the foundation and flooding the basement. However, they can only work if installed properly in a way that water flows through them and all the way down the downspout. A gutter mesh is a tough leaf gutter guard that prevents leaves from getting into the gutters. Below are tips for gutter mesh installation.

Before beginning the installation process, it is advisable to clean the gutters. It is unfortunate that you would have to do such a job once again however, you should ensure that any debris is cleaned out and all down spouts checked for obstruction to ensure the gutter mesh or gutter guard system can do its best work. A gutter system that is working properly is vital for avoiding costly water damage to the home. Knowing that this could be the last time you ever have to clean out your gutters thouroughly should make the job a little easier.

The fun part comes next, whereby the new gutter mesh is installed. However, it is advisable to carefully read the instructions and ensuring that they are understood before starting the installation. Should something not be understood, one should seek professional assistance before going ahead. Certain protection systems can only be installed by professionals as they are custom fitted to every home. Therefore, the homeowner should be sure he or she is capable of installing the gutter meshes before starting the job.

gutter mesh installation

One of the easier type of gutter mesh to install is the one-size-fits all, snap on variety. Since this type fits on virtually any kind of gutter and is relatively cheap, it is quite popular among homeowners. They are appealing to those who do not have much time to install them as no screwdriver or power drill. However, since they are not tailored to a specific gutter, there is a likelihood that they may fail to give the best results. To make the installation process even easier, one can go for a gutter guards that rests in the gutter. There is no need to snap these in. All the homeowner has to do is measure, cut and set them in the gutters.

Another popular type of gutter mesh is one that is held in place by roof shingles, with it being fastened down at the gutter’s front edge. There is no need to screw its backside in place since the shingles will hold it down. However, the front side will have to be screwed to the gutter’s front side. This type of gutter mesh also requires each section to be connected together using finger fasteners.

Gloves, eyewear and protective clothing should be worn at all times when handling and working with gutter mesh installation. It should be handled with caution, with the person avoiding contact with wire ends that are sharp. Loose jewelry or clothing should be avoided, while the individual donning protective and non-slip footwear. In addition, the work area should be kept clean and tiny.

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