Every home owner wants their home to look good and well cared for. Having a house that looks appealing is important for the emotional attachment you can have when you reside in your home and when reselling, the look of the home can increase the value significantly. Would you believe that your roof is actually the most noticeable feature of your home? It’s right there. Everyone can see it. You want it to look good. We, at The Leaf Man Australia, have some great news… gutter mesh promotes appeal. Gutter mesh protection can help keep your roof looking great for years.

Gutter Mesh Promotes Appeal

gutter mesh promotes appeal

There are so many different gutter protection products on the market today, it’s imporatnt you get one that is not only functional but looks great on your roof. Our gutter protection system is almost invisible when installed on your roof and will help to keep your roof clean so it will always look good from the street.

If you are looking for a gutter mesh protection system for your roof, here are a few things to keep in mind and look out for:

1. Look for a system that will mount directly onto the lip on the gutter and under the second row of shingles. With this arrangement, it allows the gutter cap to blend in with the line of the roof and with the contour of the roof. This installation will keep your gutter guards basically invisible from the ground while others can be very visible, and can really affect the aethetics of your roof in a negative way.

2. Look for a gutter guard system that is the right colour for your roof. Having the right colour gutter guard is critical for curb appeal. You should try to choose the colour that will best match the tiles or iron on your roof. Many people will make the mistake of matching the colour with their gutters however, if your gutters are a different colour to your roof, the gutter guards can become quite an eyesore. When it matches the roof colour, the gutter mesh guard becomes almost invisible.

3. Keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice the effectiveness of your gutter guard to get the best looking one. There are great looking gutter guards that don’t look bad on your roof. Do your research and get the best product for your home.

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