Gutter Mesh Stainless Steel: A clean deal.

It is one thing to have gutters installed on the roof of your house, and it is another to make sure they serve the purpose for which they are meant. Many people overlook the fact that gutters should be kept clear of debris that can block the passage of rain water, for it to flow all the way to the downspouts. It saves a lot of time and effort, of having to go on top of your roof to clean and remove debris from the gutter, when you have a gutter mesh installed over your gutters.

And still on the subject of saving, when choosing the right gutter mesh for the job, you should consider a gutter mesh stainless steel. The advantages of having this kind of mesh, as opposed to other types, are many. Here are just a few that will help you make the right choice of a stainless steel gutter mesh.

 gutter mesh stainless steel


Australia faces long spells of wet seasons; lasting about six months in a year. Now, with this kind of weather you surely need to have a gutter mesh that will not catch on rust. The Leaf Man’s specializations in Australian-made gutter mesh stainless steel; will ensure that yours will last for longer.


Cleaner Water

If you collect water in tanks, for use in your home, you would prefer clean water without any debris in it. Apart from the obvious fact that the leaves and other debris from the roof get filtered by the mesh, you are also assured of no rust particles entering into your water-collection tanks. Rain water is known to be safer to drink, but only if there are no germs collected in the tanks. This makes water treatment easier, because the worry of too much debris is minimized by the mesh.


Effective technology

Filtration of debris from the roof of your house, and onto your gutters is something that needs to be done efficiently. Our factory tested gutter mesh stainless steel is so designed with sizable holes that effectively filter out the unwanted dirt, leaving only the water to pass through. Even smaller debris, like pine leaves, get pushed over the side of the gutter because of the angle the mesh is installed in.


Adds to the overall look of your home

Just like your kitchen utensils, the look of a stainless steel gutter mesh on your roof adds the finishing touch of a well kept home. It is almost like having a shiny roof line, so to speak. It is appealing to the eyes if you look at it from above, or even from the sides. Visitors to your home would think that you clean your gutters all the time, when the truth is you will not have to. When they do ask, please tell them of The Leaf Man, where they can find a range of items, specially made for gutters.


If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, and other select locations in regional NSW and Victoria, installations can be arranged for you. We also provide installation instructions for people wanting these products in other parts of Australia. You can arrange with an expert installer, and we will gladly offer our support.