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Have you ever gone outside and looked in your gutters? The chance of them being completely clear is basically impossible. In fact, you might be surprised at how quickly leaves and other debris can collect in your gutter. This is why we, at The Leaf Man, believe gutter mesh protection is essential! Whether you are living in the middle of the city or in the middle of the bush, the need for gutter protection is still eminent. Why is gutter guard mesh important? Below are a few reasons.

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What protection do I receive with a gutter mesh screen?

1.      Having a gutter mesh guard will prevent leaves and debris from building up in your gutters.

Keeping your gutters clear of leaves and other tree debris can be difficult and will often require going onto the roof multiple times a year to clean your gutters out by hand. This is not a fun task for anyone, but that’s where gutter mesh is handy. With our gutter mesh guards installed, the leaves and debris that would usually fall and become clogged in your gutters, will simply run straight off the roof and back onto the floor. This allows the water to run straight through your gutters when it rains without a problem.

2.      Gutter Mesh provides you with fire and ember protection.

With gutter mesh installed, you are actually protecting your home from great catastrophe.   As the build up of leaves and debris is prevented, it means when a fire is in the area there is less chance of your roof catching on fire. Even if you feel like you are a safe distance from a bushfire zone, the wind can quite easily pick up embers and blow them into your gutters starting a fire. If you’re worried about the actual gutter guard catching on fire, there is no need at all. When you purchase your gutter mesh guards from The Leaf Man, we can guarantee you they have a zero flammability certificate from the CSIRO. This means that the gutter mesh protection itself will not catch fire. If you’d like to know more about the CSIRO fire testing, you can do so on the CSIRO website.

3.      Gutter protection will protect not just your gutters but also your roof and home.

The purpose of gutters is for rain water to run freely through them through rainy and stormy weather. Gutter Mesh protection will help to ensure this happens. When the water is able to flow easily through the gutters, you are preventing great damage to your home. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow onto the ground below which can then seek into the foundation of your home. Overflowing gutters can also cause damage to your roof and mould may start growing on the walls of your home. Gutter mesh protection will protect your roof and your home from this damage.

4.      Mesh Gutter Guards will prevent pests, birds and vermin from building nests in your gutters.

It’s easy for us to ignore gutters and when we do this allows birds and other pests to build their nests in them. Birds and other vermin will invade your ceiling space and create further issues within your household. Without gutter protection, you are increasing the risk of lice infestations within the house, vermin can get into the roof and ruin electrical cables and ceilings. The solution to all this, to stop it from happening, is to install The Leaf Man gutter mesh guards. Our gutter guards will completely seal off your gutters making them vermin proof.

5.      The quality of water in your rain water tank will be improved with rain gutter mesh.

If you live on a property that uses tank water for everything, you would want to know what you are drinking and bathing in. You’d want to know that it’s the best possible quality. Getting the best quality possible is simple. Install gutter mesh gutter guards. By doing this you will find you have better quality water which is free from leaves, mud, dirt, bird droppings and even vermin droppings. gutter mesh installation

Who Should Install The Leaf Man Leaf Guard?

At The Leaf Man we realise the benefits of having gutter mesh installed in every home. Leaf gutter protection is beneficial to all homes, so everyone should install The Leaf Man leaf guards. When it comes to gutter mesh installation, there is no one better than the experts that are trained in installation and know the product well. When you purchase gutter protection with us we can ensure your gutter mesh cover is installed correctly and in a safe manner.

How Do Our Gutter Guards Differ From Other Gutter Mesh Products?

When it comes to gutter mesh, stainless steel may seem like the best option. However, we can do better. Our gutter mesh guards start from a base of BlueScope Steel Zinculume coils which are expanded to the exacting standards of the gutter guards. These are then powder coated ensuring ultimate protection against the elements. What also makes our gutter mesh filter more unique is the variety of colours they can be made in. It doesn’t matter what colour roof you have, our gutter guards come in all the different Colourbond colours. Our product is compliant in every area including the following:

  • Compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Carries a zero-flammability rating granted by the CSIRO
  • AS1530Pt3 compliant
  • Complies to the requirements of the BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels) rating in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3959-2009.
  • Complies to the guidelines of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

When it comes to gutter mesh, Australia knows The Leaf Man is the best!

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How much does it cost for purchase gutter mesh?

When it comes to purchasing your gutter mesh, prices will depend on a number of things. The main factor in the cost will the be the amount of gutter protection needed. Larger homes of course, are going to need more length of leaf guard. The best way for us to give you an accurate quote is to come out and measure your gutters personally which we can do at a time that suits you. Simply contact our National office to speak with one of our friendly staff members to arrange the best time for your complimentary gutter assessment and quote. Call us on 1300 888 743 or contact us online.

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