Keep up your gutter and roof maintenance: What does the exterior of your home say?roof maintenance

The outside of your house is the first thing people see and is what will influence a person’s first impression of your home. The maintenance of the exterior of your home (building, gutter and roof maintenance) is just as important as maintaining the interior.

Exterior maintenance is often overlooked by many people. If you haven’t taken the time to look outside at your home, make some time this week to do it. You may be surprised at what you see. That is what others see before entering your home.

The safest way to inspect the roof is from the ground. This will prevent injuries from falling off roofs or ladders. To inspect the roof carefully you will need a pair of binoculars so you can see everything clearly. You should look for missing roof tiles or slates and look from problems around the chimney, if you have one. Also, take note of any repairs that need doing around TV aerials and/or satellite dishes, and be sure they are fixed securely.

You may also wish to check inside the roof, however, once again, you will need to ensure you are very careful so as to prevent any unwanted injury. Checking the inside of your roof involves looking for rot, mould or infestations. If you see any of these, it could be a sign of cracks or leaks in the roof that will need to be fixed. If you find a leak and want to know where it is coming from, find out how to find a leak here.  Also take note of any daylight coming through the underside of the roof covering. This could mean that the tiles or slates are either cracked or missing.

roof maintenance

If you have a flat roof, you will also need to look out for pooling water and moss building up on the roof as well as damage to the roof covering. Damp patches, on both flat or pitched roofs, are a sign that the roof is in need of repair urgently. Spotting these problems early on is much better than waiting until it becomes an emergency situation that becomes extremely costly to fix.

When performing roof maintenance checks and looking at your roof also make sure you inspect your guttering. It’s easy for leaves, plants and other debris to get caught up in the gutters and these will all need clearing out. If you haven’t already installed them, gutter guards can be extremely helpful in keeping your gutters clean. They help prevent the build up of leaves and debris and make gutter and roof maintenance a lot easier on you. Also ensure the brackets holding the guttering are secure. This includes checking that the joints aren’t leaking and any nearby woodwork is sound. Look for rusting gutters which if not addressed could lead to bigger future problems.

Once you’ve completed your roof maintanance and gutter checks, you will also need to look for cracks in your home’s walls. Hairline cracks on the interior are common however, if cracks become larger or the same crack is visible on the exterior also, you may need to get an expert in to examine it to ensure it is not subsidence. Cracks in the render of the outside of a home should be filled immediately to prevent water seeping in. If the water gets in it can cause damage to the render and cause it to no longer be bonded to the wall.

Gutter and roof maintenance on a regular basis could save you a lot of money. Fix problems before they become an issue, install gutter guards to prevent further problems and you can relax knowing your home is safe and people’s first impressions of your home will not be ruined from a lack of care to the exterior.