How much junk and rubbish is in your roof gutter Sydney? We need to know because it is that time of year. The Sydney sun is beating down on us causing us to take refuge at beaches and in swimming pools. It is also the time of year when Sydney’s bushland is at a high risk of igniting, putting your home in danger. Unsuitable gutters and poor gutter maintenance is one of the leading causes of Sydney homes being incinerated during bushfires. Many Sydneysiders are unaware that their gutter could be putting them at risk.

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Why Are Gutters A Fire Risk?

Australian bush fires are caused by a combination of heat, high winds, and dry foliage such as leaves and twigs. These high winds can carry burning embers for more than two kilometers and these embers can land in your gutter. If your gutter is unprotected and contains dry twigs and leaves the result could be disastrous. One way to mitigate this risk is to install a gutter guard. A gutter guard acts as a shield ensuring no build up of dry foliage ends up in your gutters. Almost every major Australian insurance company and even the NSW Rural Fire Service recommend that all homes should have high-quality gutter guards installed.

How Do Gutter Guards Help?

A Gutter Guard is designed in such a way that water can still drain into your gutter, but leaves and twigs simply fall away. It is important to note that when installing a Gutter Guard a high quality certified steel is used that can withstand extreme temperatures. Some cheap Gutter Guard systems are made out of low-quality material that can actually melt during a fire. Another common mistake when installing a Gutter Guard is leaving too much space between the gutter and the roof. It is important to install a “no gap” system like the one used by The Leaf Man ( as not only are Leaf Man gutter guards made out of non-flammable certified steel, but their no gap system ensures debris is not getting stuck or making its way into places it shouldn’t.

Gutter SydneyAre There Other Benefits To Gutter Guards?

For most of Sydney’s homeowners, their homes are their biggest investment. By installing Gutter Guards, your gutters will be free from debris, last longer, and look good. There is another benefit to Gutter Guards that most people are unaware of. When your gutters become clogged with debris rainwater cannot flow through them. This can cause not only damage to your gutters but damage to your homes. When gutters are clogged, rainwater can flow into your roof and cause roof leaks. Over time, this can cause allot of damage to your home.

What Else Can I Do To Protect My Home?

If you live in a high fire risk area you should contact your local fire service for a full list of bush fire precautions. The best precaution always involves removing dry foliage such as twigs, leaves, plants, and fallen branches from your gutters, roofs, windows and decks. It is best to keep a generous radius around your home free from any such debris. Also, ensure any fuels such as gas bottles and firewood are not kept in the vicinity of the immediate dwelling.

There can be no greater heartache than losing the family home in a bushfire. The process of rebuilding from the ashes, dealing with insurance companies, and all the while being out on the street can be too much. That is why it is imperative that a good quality, professionally installed Gutter Guard system is part of every Sydney home’s bushfire defense strategy. Don’t get burnt out this Summer. Don’t be left out in the gutter Sydney. Get fire wise. Get Gutter Guards.

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