Gutter types

Gutter Types: Our Guards Are Made To Fit

Did you know there are a few different gutter types that you can choose for your home, and The Leaf Man Australia has gutter guards to fit them all. It’s essential to have a good guttering system as it is vital to your roof. Here are a few different gutter types to help you decide which is the best option for you.

Gutter Types

Box Gutters – The first of the gutter types is the box gutters. These are one of those different types of gutters that are not seen often. Instead of being on the outside of the roof, the gutter is boxed into the middle of the edge of the roof. They are ideal if you don’t actually want to see the gutter. Boxedc gutters are made from high quality materials, generally Colorbond or stainless steel. They also need to be fitted with an emergency overflow, so that water can be diverted if the gutter is blocked or if there is simply too much water.

Fascia Gutters – Facia gutters are another of the gutter types. These may also be known as eaves gutters. These are gutters that combine the gutter and fascia together in one system. A fascia gutter is a clever gutter that sees the gutter installed directly onto the roofs rafts – quite simple really! These gutter types are usually made from either Zinculume or Colorbond and are available in multiple colours as well as in a plain or slotted finish.

Square Gutters – Square gutters have a square profile and have a high capacity for water flow. This type of gutter can be made from Colorbond, Zinculume or galvanised stell and are available in a range of colours.

Round Gutters – You can also get round gutters which are known to be half round gutters as they look like a semi-circle. They have a wide diameter which means they can cope with huge amounts of water and are great for high rainful areas. These gutters look great on any home due to their clean, smooth look.

Quad Gutters – The last of the gutter types is the quad gutters. These are also known as ‘D’ gutters and are one of the most popular gutters in todays society. These match perfectly if you need to replace existing guttering systems or if you have a new home. Quad gutters can come in different sizes and profiles depending on how much rainfall your house gets. They can be made with or without slots. The slotted versions are great for areas with heavy rainfall.

When you know what gutter types are best for your home, then you need to look at getting gutter guards to help protect them. Contact The Leaf Man Australia today for more information.