Gutters And Downpipes

Gutters And Downpipes

Failing to maintain your gutters and downpipes can lead to a lot of difficulty in the future.

Gutters and downpipes that are not maintained properly end up causing a lot of issues for including leaks and extensive damage to your home or business.

Luckily, keeping your gutters and downpipes clean and maintained is easy with modern technology and a little bit of planning and time management.


Maintaining You Gutters And Downpipes

The biggest issue with gutters and downpipes is blockage caused by dropped leaves around your property.  Strong winds and change in season cause trees to lose their leaves.

You guard your home against blocked gutters and downpipes, you could climb onto your roof regularly an spend hours cleaning them out or you could invest in gutter guards.

Gutter guards are a plastic mesh which fits into your gutter and stops the debris that is responsible for clogging your Gutters And Downpipes.

Preparing Your Gutters And Downpipes for Gutter Guards

Before you invest in Gutter Guards make sure to clean out your gutters to clear out any current debris. By not doing so, you are missing the point of Gutter Guards altogether as the leaves will still block your Gutters and Downpipes and cause issues.

Check the entire perimeter of your gutters for debris and get rid of every last bit. Make sure when doing this that you wear gloves and scoop the debris out. Using a hose and forcing the debris down into your downpipe is something shouldn’t do as it just moves the problem into the downpipes. All the same, when removing the debris by hand, make sure you’re pushing the debris away from the entrance to your downpipe.

Also, before getting Gutter Guards, search for any leaks and corrosion in your Gutters And Downpipes. Pooling water or excessive moisture can cause corrosion. Small leaks can usually be fixed with some roof sealant. However, if your leaks are major it’s best to hire a professional. Gutter corrosion isn’t as big of an issue as it used to be due to most gutters now being made of hard plastic rather than metal. However if you still have a metallic gutter, corrosion is a potential issue.  If you spot any corrosion in your gutters, call a professional to repair/replace those parts.

After ensuring you have done all of the above, your roof-line should be in good working order to have Gutter Guards installed. We encourage you to have a professional come and look at your roof and give you a quote for the best price and Gutter Guard option before installing them for you. This ensures you are getting a good price for your gutter guards and are also having them installed properly so they are guaranteed to work.

One your Gutter Guards are installed, test that they are in good working order by running a hose through your guttering system. If there are no leaks, your system is safe.

For a quote on a Gutter Guard System for your Gutters And Downpipes call The Leaf Man today.