how to make your gutters functional gutter guards

How to Make Your Gutters Functional: Gutter Guards

Your home needs gutters as much as it needs walls and floors. Gutters direct the flow of rainwater away from the foundation before it affects the integrity of the stone and cement blocks. It’s also a convenient way of filtering rainwater and using it to water your garden in an effort to save money on your electric bill. But, how do you make your gutters functional with gutter guards?



Every gutter is shaped like an open canal that catches rainwater and directs its flow towards the downpipes situated near the corners of a house. Because it’s open, it catches more than the pouring rain. Dried leaves, twigs, and even dead animals have found their way into the catchment. Soon enough, the debris accumulate and block the passage of water down the pipes leading to the drainage on the ground.


Even when it’s not raining, the debris remains a problem when all kinds of detritus start to rot and decay. Once the rains come around, the water that flows down from the gutter smell so bad and the odour penetrates your home from the roof. Installing gutter guards makes sure this doesn’t happen at all. Rather than wait for your gutters to clog or smell, better add a leaf guard or mesh screen as soon as possible.


The screen lets leaves and twigs slide down the roof and allows only water to enter the gutter. The leaf guard also discourages animals, like mice, squirrels, and birds from making a home in your gutters. As a result, you don’t have to deal with dead creatures or the droppings of these house pests. Not only that, you’ll be cutting down your expenses on cleaning out your gutters. You’ll also reduce your electricity consumption because the rainwater from your gutters may be directed to a large drum or tank, and it can be used to water your garden plants, hedges and lawn grass.


Another way of making your gutters more functional through gutter guards is to install a gutter dome system that matches the design and material used to make your gutters. Different types of gutter guards are available in traditional and modern styles. Some look just right with copper, aluminium, vinyl, or PVC pipes and gutters.


You may be concerned that standing water in your gutters becomes a sustainable environment for mosquitoes to thrive in or the water turns into ice during winter and dams up your gutter. Call or email us for information on how to make your gutters functional with gutter guards.


Article by Heidi Cridland