Every so often we will read another story of how someone has injured themselves while cleaning or working on their roof. Sometimes this is from having to clean the gutters. Gutters are essential to your home and keeping them clean is important, but so is your health and safety. We believe having gutters with leaf guards installed is very important for any home as they can prevent accident.  

How can gutters with leaf guards keep you safe?

gutters with leaf guardsHow can cleaning gutters lead to accidents?

Gutters are up high and to reach them involves climbing ladders and sometimes climbing onto the roof. There are a large number of things that can cause problems including the wind, an unsecure ladder or base and sometimes unexpected animals running past, knocking the ladder and causing it to wobble and fall.

Sometimes the weight of a person can actually cause roof tiles to crack unless you know precisely where to walk. Cracked or broken tiles can easily slip and lead to further accidents.

The roof can become very slippery at times. Sometimes you may even find there is moss growing on the roof making it a danger for anyone to climb on without the proper harnessing and safety equipment.

All of these things make the cleaning of the roof and gutters dangerous and can lead to a number of accidents.

Why do we need to clean the gutters?

Gutters that are not cleaned will gather a great deal of decomposing material including leaves, twigs, debris and sometimes spiders, bugs and vermin. Clogged gutters can lead to a great deal of damage if not looked after and cleaned regularly. When spiders and bugs make home in your gutters, this can also lead to health and safety issues for your family.

Basically, having clean gutters is important but the cleaning of gutters can be dangerous so what can you do to prevent injury and still have clean gutters? Make sure you have gutters with leaf guards installed.

If you’d like to know more about gutters with leaf guards and our gutter guard protection system, contact The Leaf Man Australia today!