What's In Your Gutters?

What’s In Your Gutters?

You may not realise it but, lots of little creatures may live in your gutters. The build up of leaves and debris along with the rainwater that spills through them encourages an environment which is loved by many potentially deadly insects and bacteria. So, what’s in your gutters?

What’s In Your Gutters?

Mosquito’s are those annoying little insects that like to come out and bite you, and then leave you scratching for hours. These little insects love the environment of clogged gutters and because of this, they contribute signicantly to the Dengue Fever epidemic. Dengue Fever is a horrible viral disease that can be transmitted through certain mosquito’s found in the more tropical areas of the world. These areas include Australia. Dengue Fever is a serious disease which can cause serious health complications, which can potentially be fatal.

It’s important to keep your gutters clean and to know what’s in your gutters to help to reduce the risk of serious illness. By cleaning your gutters, and installing gutter guards you can prevent the build up of leaf debris and also prevent the risk of attracting mosquito’s.

As well as protecting your home from build up of leaves and debris, gutters guards from The Leaf Man can also offer the following beneefits:

Rainwater Harvesting – You are able to collect more rainwater which is a great advantage and can significantly cut water bills for your home. With Gutter guards you can help to keep the water flowing into your tank clean and free of leaves.

Halilstorm Protection – Without gutter guards debris can block gutters and downpipes causing a huge flood or possible roof damage is torrential rain or hailstorems hit your home. The gutter guards will aloow the water to flow fast through the pipes and protect your gutters.

Bush Fire Protection – Gutter guards stop the leaves and twigs from accumulating in gutters. This prevents them from becoming alight if embers were to land in the gutters. Gutter guards let leaves and twigs slide over the gutters, keeping them clear and less risk of fire.

Knowing what’s in your gutters is important not only for your wellbeing but for your safety and home. If you would like more information on our gutter guards, contact The Leaf Man Australia today.