home maintenance checklistMany people love Summer because it means more time outdoors. Flourishing gardens, warm evening BBQ s and backyard cricket.

Unfortunately winter months can leave your home needing a bit of attention. We have put together a home maintenance checklist to ensure your home is ready to make the most of the summer months.

home maintenance checklist

Air conditioner

A working air conditioning must be number one on a home maintenance checklist in an Australian summer! Often not something we think to do before we turn in on in September and keep it cranking until March; it’s important that your air conditioner gets a tune up to avoid it breaking or racking up huge bills.

To keep your air conditioner running cool all Summer  have a professional check that the temperature levels are staying consistent, the fan is running well, the coils are clean and there is no faulty electrical wiring.

After the tuning, change your air filters monthly to ensure the unit is running at it’s peak.


Summer storms can be a huge problem if you haven’t checked your roof and fixed any minor damage.

Check your tiles for cracks and holes and make sure the gutters are functioning well and downpipes are clear. Leaf litter should be cleaned seasonally to ensure your gutters and pipes don’t block and water build up doesn’t leak into your ceiling.


Your air conditioning is a waste of money if the windows are letting in warm air. Check the seals around the windows (on both the inside and out) to make sure they aren’t brittle and cracked. If they are, have them replaced immediately.

Be sure to also check your fly-screens for holes as you enter into prime insect season.


Cover electrical outlets, windows and doors and go crazy with the pressure hose to add a tick to your home maintenance checklist. A pressure hose will quickly clean your homes exterior of cobwebs, dirt and mod and make your bricks and concrete look brand new.

If you’re preparing to ‘splash into Summer’, getting your pool ready will be a sure priority. Clean it of leaf litter an dirt, level the water and make sure the chemical levels are correct.

Be sure to balance the chemicals at least a week before you plan on swimming to protect yourself from harm.

While maintenance checklist may seem like a daunting task , spending a weekend on getting all the above right will promise you a relaxing Summer.