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How to Safely Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas should be a season for merrymaking and gift-giving, and not for accidents. When it’s time to decorate your home for Yuletide, learn how to safely hang Christmas lights on your roof with a safety ladder, a sturdy platform, and some nylon ropes to prevent falls and other deleterious activities.

Ladder and Platform Safety Tips

Homeowners commonly climb a ladder or set up a stable platform to stand on while hanging Christmas lights around their roof. Clearly, you’ll need a safety ladder with a solid base. Make sure the upper and lower rungs are fortified. Choose a ladder with an auto-lock system to stop it from folding accidentally or losing its balance while you’re on top. Lastly, avoid hanging heavy objects on your ladder that could cause you to lose your equilibrium.

How to Secure Your Safety

Winters can be wet and slippery. Wipe your ladder’s rungs dry before using it. Also, remove any object on your roof that may present a hazard to you or distract you from your work. Sweep away the snow from your roof and clean your gutters of all debris.

Make sure you use a full-body five-point harness and nylon ropes to secure yourself to the roof. Set up a vertical lifeline that’s attached to a tree or a large truck on the other side of the house. Throw the ropes across your roof and over its peak. In case you do lose your footing climbing a ladder or crawling on top of the roof, you’ll be hanging from above instead of falling straight to the ground and breaking your bones. Spending Christmas in the emergency room is never a happy occasion.

Other Roof Safety Tips

Walking on a shingle roof may be difficult because they’re easily damaged. If possible, use shingle tabs to attach icicle lights and C7 or C9 light bulbs. Slide the tabs under the lowest edge of the roof or under the gutters.

Hang your lights by clipping the wires or taping them. An alternative is to use plastic zip ties to secure the lights. Beware of plugging too many power cords into one outlet. Also, cover all the power outlets with duct tape to protect them from precipitation and moisture, which could short circuit the fuse and cause a little fire to break out.

If you need to buy shingle tabs or need more tips on how to safely hang Christmas lights on your roof, then contact us at The Leafman Australia. One of our roofing and guttering experts is available to answer questions and guide you through the steps.

Article by Heidi Cridland