installing gutter guards

Installing Gutter Guards Prevents Injury

Would you believe that home maintenance is the most common cause of injuries. Some of these injuries can be quite serious however, you can prevent the risk of injury by installing gutter guards. We, at The Leaf Man, believe your families health and safety is very impotant. Here are a couple of ways that gutter guards keep your family safe.

How does installing gutter guards protect you from injury?

Installing Gutter Guards elimates gutter cleaning.

Installing gutter guard protection allows you to say goodbye to the consistant gutter cleaning that is required without gutter shields. Our gutter guards are made of strong and durable steel which is installed over the gutter. This system stops the leaves and other debris from clogging up the gutters as they are unable to make their way through the guard. Smaller debris such as pollen and seeds may be able to make their way through the guard however, the water will easily flow through and move this smaller debris out of the way as there will be no leaves to block the path. With a clear pathway through the gutter and down the downspout it means the consitant cleaning of the gutters becomes a thing of the past. You will still need to maintain your gutters and check them from time to time however, the time between cleans will be significantly different and less frequent.

Not needing to clean out the gutters as frequent means less climbing up on ladders to see the gutters and less trying to balance on the ladder or the roof while using tools to remove any accumulated leaves and debris. Less ladder climbing means less risk of falling and seriously injuring yourself.

Installing Gutter Guards prevents structural damage.

Installing gutter guards prevents rainwater from entering the house through the roof structure. If water was able to seep into the home and creep down the walls and ceiling it cn cause major damage, especially if the flow is persistent. Continuously leaking roofs can cause cracks in the structure of the home and creates serious rick as pieces of the roof or walla can break off and cause serious injury if they land on a family member inside the home. When gutter guards systems are installed on the house it helps to keep everyone safe.

Protect the people you love, not just the ones that live in your home but also the friends and family that you may have visiting and install gutter guards today. Call us at The Leaf Man to find out more information.

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