Every home owner wishes for them to remain beautiful and attractive for years to come. There are factors that lead to a home deteriorating and losing its overall appeal. Some of them are natural and cannot be controlled, but with a bit of home improvement techniques, you can achieve success that will ensure you always have a roof over your head.

Speaking of roofs, the one thing that causes damage to the gutters is lack of protection from clogging caused by fallen leaves on them. This is why having a leaf free gutter guard can save you a lot, both monetary and in terms of your safety. If you have a gutter without a guard, this is an article you will find helpful. It is never too late to make improvements in your home, and as long as you follow advice from a trusted companion, like theleafman.com.au, you will continue enjoying your stay in your beautiful abode.

leaf free gutter guard

Why you should install a leaf free gutter guard?

Gutters are supposed to be free from debris so as to guide rainwater freely towards the down spouts. Failure to install a guard, or better still have a gutter with a guard incorporated in it, can proof to be disastrous to your home.

Fire hazard protection

In Australia, we know of many cases of bush fires especially during the dry spells faced during summer. As a preventative measure, if you have a guard that doesn’t allow debris to gather on your gutters and over your roof, the likelihood of a fire spreading on the roof is minimized. An ember landing on the dry leaves and sparking a fire may be too late to arrest, but with a guard installed a lot can be saved. This is the utmost reason why The Leaf Man insist on this, and that is why it complies with the CSIRO’s standards. For such an established body to recognize the efforts of a company in producing products that focus on the safety of Australians, and the world as a whole, it is not a simple feat.

Cleaner water collection

As mentioned above, if the gutter is clogged, chances are the flow of rainwater will be affected. The hustle of having to go often on the roof to clean it up will proof to be time consuming. A guard does all this for you. It guides the leaves over the gutter, and lets the water flow into the collection tanks. We are also talking about birds leaving their germs in the gutters as they set up their nests inside the gutters, or wash in the stagnant water. The water filtration and treatment process, therefore, becomes simpler and faster with a leaf free gutter guard.

It may be impossible to solve all the damages that your home faces, but to sit back and watch it deteriorate is irresponsible. When your gutter starts developing cracks, or rust, you will remember this article and take action. Go for a leaf free gutter guard and avoid all this. Contact The Leaf Man to find out how our leaf free gutter guard can help you!