Most of us have dreamed, of owning a house, and all that it entails. We envisioned the luscious spacious yard, the centenary solemn trees that stand by it like silent compassionate guardians, the front porch, in which ever style one may fancy, and turn that house to a home. One day that dream comes to fruition, and you finally see yourself fulfilling that lifelong dream, the symbolical owning of a piece of land to pass onwards to your progeny.

Amidst this thought race millions of others, not so much planned, like mortgages, loans, appliances, sound proofing, safe proofing and suddenly you find yourself with your mind on the gutter, quite literally… The century old tree, with their century old leaves, often come to pester your mind and clog your house’s gutters, creating a mass of organic decomposing matter. This then prevents water drainage and attracts hoards of bugs, insects, vermin and the like and they come to share your dream house with you!

Although it might be impossible to avoid these unsung trials associated with home owning, it is possible to prevent them, with the simple aid of a leaf guard.

leaf guard cost

Leaf Guard Cost

If you take into consideration a leaf guard cost and weight against the benefits that a leaf guard can provide for your home, it is easy to see how strongly the benefits out weigh the actual cost of installing a leaf guard and enjoy peace with those deciduous trees. We can consider leaf guard cost as a part of a home preservation and hazard prevention scheme to benefit your home and even protect your family, since it can be a efficient safeguard measure, against fires, pests, and rot.

If you contact us here at The Leaf Man, you can ask for a free assessment of your gutters. We will provide this for our residential clients, which consists of an evaluation on site. The evaluation will be done by professional staff who are trained to look at the condition of your house’s gutters. The staff can then answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and will provide you the an estimate for the leaf guard cost and the installation cost of the Leaf Man gutter guard.

Our gutter guards are made fully out of quality Australian materials,in perfect synch of form and function, that are devised specifically for Australian weather conditions, and that can be fully customized to meet your specific needs and to fit safely, comfortably and aesthetically into your house’s roof. There is a wide variety of shapes and colours that can prevent fires caused by the eventual combustion of dry leaves, the unwanted presence of several pests attracted by decomposing organic matter caused by wet and clogged leaves, which can also cause structural damage caused by the accumulation of rotting matter leading to the deterioration of the surrounding structures, and even contamination of bacteria that feed of decomposing organic matter. On a lighter note, you should also consider, the improvement of quality of life, since the maintenance of the gutter becomes much more efficient.

If you would like further information on our gutter guards or leaf guard cost, simply visit us online or call us today on 1300 888 743.