Hygiene and Protection with Leaf Guard for Half Round Gutters

Maintaining gutters requires keeping moss, leaves, debris, pests and birds off. Doing this manually is not only tasking but also dangerous. It is hard predict how often it will rain, snow or strong winds will blow and which determines how often you go up the building to clean your gutters. Well, if you are tired of taking the ladder to unclog your gutters, consider installing leaf guard for half round gutters. 

leaf guard for half round gutters

The Leaf Man leaf guard for half round gutters gives you quality functioning for your gutters all season and are available for every
roofing type. There are various colours for these guards and you can have yours sprayed the colour you wish. Enjoy protection for your house with leaf guard for
half round gutters in the through:

Preventing Leaves in Your Gutter

Most homes are surrounded with trees which add aesthetic value to their environments. But during strong down rainfall
leaves fall off to the roof tops. The leaves clog gutters inhibiting the flow of water. Gutter guard offers a better solution where, when leaves fall on the
gutter they just slide off to the ground preventing clogging in the gutters.

Improved Quality of Water

Rain water is valued in many homes. Harvesting this water may also include harvesting the contents of your gutters. Gutter guards
ensure you collect only clean water by preventing pollutants such as mud, leaves and birds’ droppings. You enjoy quality clean drinking with no worries
of pollution.

Rodents and Bird Proof

Birds and pests find a habitat in open gutters. Given time they could invade your house ceiling space ruining the ceiling,
damaging electrical cables and even spreading lice in the house. Leaf guard for half round gutters seal the gutters completely. The guards are made of steel
which is vermin proof.

Fire Protection

In summer Australia is famous of bushfire which quickly spreads due to the strong winds. People living near
bushes could be at risks on their houses catching fire. Dry leaves on the gutter make it easier for a fire to spread in your house. The leaf man gutter
guard helps in preventing the spread of fire in your house. It is made of a material that is not flammable that is it has no chance of catching fire
despite the dry leaves on your gutter. The Leaf Man gutter guard is CSIRO zero flammability certified giving you high quality protection beyond expectations.

When choosing your gutter guard
ensure it is compliant with requirements by:

NSW Rural Fire Service

Australian Standard AS 3959-2009

Building Code of Australia


Leaf Man leaf guards for half round gutters ensure hygiene and protection for your house. The gutter guards are
made to fit to any type of roofing. They are coated to prevent corrosion and are salt resistant giving you more than 25
years of quality performance. You do not need brackets or saddles during installation and are you compatible with all
gutters so you don’t struggle fixing them.