A leaf guard guarantee is very essential in every home in Australia. This entails a guarantee of quality materials and installation services that leads to the protection of gutters from unnecessary roofing problems. It is for this reason that the leaf man gutter guard, a reliable, trustworthy and Australian-made gutter guard, comes in to offer the best leaf guard guarantees with the best gutter guard solutions in the market.


The Leaf Man Leaf Guard Guarantee

Leaf man gutter guard prides itself in manufacturing one of its kind material that is not found anywhere in the market. This is one of the nation’s strongest Bluescope powder coated steel gutter guards which offers a leaf guard guarantee of 360 degrees coverage of the product. It prevents metallic reactions and corrosion of the materials used making clients enjoy durability and safety of leaf man products.

The Leaf Man has very attractive leaf guards for all gutter types. In fact, their leaf guard guarantees that the leaf guards meet your desired specifications for your roof and gutter. They can help you with whichever gutter type or roof type you have including, edge gutters, half round gutters, regular or valley gutters, tiled roofs, flat roofs or corrugated roofs and suitable for commercial, residential or industrial gutters. The guards also come in different colourbond colors providing a leaf guard guarantee of installing gutter guards that match the color of your roof. You will always go with your own colour specifications and the width required. The available width ranges from 195mm to 800mm.
leaf guard guarantee

There are no disappointments in relying on The Leaf Man gutter guard for quality provision and installation of leaf guards. The company provides top quality products and has experienced, certified, fully insured and well trained personnel who carry out perfect installation. Through a leaf guard guarantee, this company ensures that all the clients have a leaf guard that protects their home in every season in Australia; holding a fire rating CSRIO of zero and using expanded coils with 0.55mm steel. Leaf guard guarantees that comes with installation of leaf guards include protection against fire, poor drainage and overflow of water by ensuring no leaves can accumulate and become highly flammable or even block the gutter system, protection of the gutter and the roof from storms damage by allowing a free flow of water through the gutters and improved quality of water collected by sealing off all the gutters to keep away from the impacts of birds and vermin making them vermin proof.

It is important to note that The Leaf Man company conforms with the NSW Rural Fire Service Guidelines, it has fully licensed and insured credentials, zero flammability rating by CSRIO, they comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the bush Fire Attack levels conforms with the Australian Standards. It has undertaken further steps to ensure leaf guard guarantee to their clients for quality products and service delivery. They supply and install domestic, industrial and commercial appliances with a 25 year warranty on products and have a wider portfolio of workers across Sydney, NSW.

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