leaf guard installation

Leaf Guard Installation

Adding leaf guards to your home is a great decision for any home owner, however, it’s not just something you should rush. You should always ensure you do your research and look into the leaf guard installers that you are hiring. Here are a few tips on how to choose a great gutter guard company for your leaf guard installation.

When choosing a company to work on your leaf guard installation or just around your home; you use the following check list to ensure that you are getting the best. Know what you are looking for, what you need and what you won’t compromise on.

  • Ensure the home maintenance or leaf guard installation business is a company with a solid reputation based on experience and thorough industry knowledge
  • Ask for testimonials or examples of homes and commercial properties that the company has worked on
  • Make certain that the company that you choose has their own installers and does not merely recommend independentinstallers. This will guarantee that the company will be responsible for the work from start to completion
  • Is it the same company that quotes the job that completes the job? If not ask why
  • Ask to see a certificate of currency for public liability – this is essential for your protection
  • Ask if the company provides workers compensation for their company. A company that does not care for their employees is much less likely to care for your property
  • What training has the installer undergone? Are they qualified to perform the job? If there is an apprentice working on your job is there also a qualified installer working alongside?
  • What safety equipment does the installer use
  • Ask about the product that will be used on your job. Where is it made? Does it pass safety standards?
  • Make sure you look around after the job is completed. If the work is on your roof – ask for a photo

The Leaf Man Australia has always placed emphasis on training and safety. Make sure that you demand the same from all trades people and installers that you use. For more information on our leaf guards, contact us today!

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