Having a leaf guard system is a great addition to any home, especially if you live in a bushfire prone area. Leaf guard systems can offer protection from those flying embers during a bushfire. You can also get products known as ember guards but these are a completely different product and should not be confused as a leaf guard system.

Leaf Guard System & Bushfire Protection

The difference between ember guards and leaf guards is quite significant. Ember guards are a product that is used to block gaps in the home where embers can enter in and start a fire. They can often be found under the eaves or vents in a building. These can also be useful in protecting the flammable pads on evaporative air conditioners.

Ember guards are great however, for a more complete bushfire protection system it is essential you install a leaf guard system. The gutter leaf guards will offer a different type of bushfire protection for your home. Nobody likes to clean out their gutter and if you were completely honest with yourself, you’d probably admit that you don’t do it often enough. However, ignoring your gutters is not really the best practice. Even if you can’t see what’s up in your gutters, doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing in them. Installing a leaf guard system can help reduce the need for gutter cleaning and can give you some peace of mind when it comes to bushfire protection.

leaf guard system

leaf guard system

When it comes to protecting your home in bushfire season, gutter leaf guard systems are an important aspect. It doesn’t take long for leaves and debris to build up in your gutters and then catch on fire from flying embers. All it takes is a fire in the distance and little wind blowing in the right direction and your home could soon be burning if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions.

When installing a leaf guard system be sure you are aware of the Australian Standards to ensure you have the right gutter guards for your home and your area. Also, be sure you have a quality installer to install your gutter guards. If they are installed incorrectly, you may find you are in danger during a bushfire without realising.

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