The importance of having a leaf guard installed on the gutter of your house has been stressed enough. But what many home owners don’t know is which leaf guard types best fits their homes. That is why, at The Leaf Man Gutter Guard, there are experts who can gladly help you choose which one will effectively solve your gutter blockage problems. Here are some of the types that are currently on sale all over Australia. In whatever area you live in, be it in the city, the suburbs or even out in a ranch, there are leaf guard types for all gutters.

leaf guard types

Leaf Guard Types

Leaf Guard Types: Leaf Guard for Box Gutters

Box gutter leaf guards are commonly found in industrial or commercial buildings. Since the roof-line of such buildings are larger than those in homes, they tend to collect more fallen debris. To solve the blockage problem, they are designed with slightly larger holes because you do not expect a tall building or a commercial area to have a lot of trees. The mesh is set at an acute angle so that the debris is effectively swept over it by rain water, while letting the water sip through the holes.

Leaf Guard Types: Leaf Guard for Half Round Gutters

Half round gutters are common in homes, especially because of their curvy bottom which adds style to the roof-line. The most common guard used here is either a filter or a screen over the gutter. The very fine holes in the mesh will ensure that the tiny debris that fall on the roof do not end up inside the gutter.

Leaf Guard Types: Leaf guard for Edge Gutters

Modern architectural designs have seen a dynamic change in the way gutters are designed. These roofs still need edge gutters to prevent rain water from damaging the sides of the wall and fascia boards. The leaf guards for edge gutters are specially designed to fit in these areas. Just like the other meshes, they are finer and thinner but effective enough deal with the little debris.

Leaf Guard Types: Leaf Guard for S- Gutters

The S- gutters are common in the old homes designed with a traditional feel of old architecture. The curvature of the gutter is what gives it its name. For people who prefer the old ranches and farm land type of living, you should consider having a leaf guard especially made for the gutter.

There are many other leaf guard types you can choose from, depending on the type of gutter you have on your roof. What you have to do is contact your local supplier of The Leaf Man Gutter Guard and you will be given expert advice. The number to call is 1300 888 743, or e-mail You will talk to experts who have been in the business for over 10 years and have technicians who can carry out the job for you. The goal is to see that you live a comfortable life in your home, knowing that your roof will remain undamaged. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning your gutters every so often.