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Having a leaf guard for gutters is essential in Australian homes, particularly when you are living close to the bush or have a great number of trees around your property. However, even those who live in the suburbs will still need to deal with leaf debris, bird life and pests that can find their way into your gutters. A solution to all this is to install a leaf guard.

How Can A Leaf Guard Protect Your Home?

Fire and Ember Protection

When you install leaf guard protection from The Leaf Man, one of the huge benefits is the protection from fire during bushfire season. We, when you buy our leaf guard, guarantee that you will feel safer in your home when a fire is nearby. By preventing leaf debris build up in your gutters, you can reduce the risk of your home catching on fire, starting in the roof. You can prevent this leaf debris build up simply by adding a leaf guard. Australia is known for its bushfire seasons so all Australians should seriously consider the benefits of these leaf guards.

Without have any leaf guards installed, you could be placing your home in danger. Flying embers can find their way into your gutters which can then spark a fire fuelled by the built up leaves and debris. You may be surprised at how quickly this can build up. An added bonus of our leaf gutter guard is that it has a zero flammability certificate from the CSIRO. Our gutter leaf guard will not catch alight in a fire.

To find out more about CSIRO fire testing, click here.leaf guard benefits bushfire protection

Prevents Leaves and Debris

If you struggle keeping your gutters clean of leaves and other tree debris, then you are more than likely going to need leaf guard suppliers to help you with getting the right gutter protection for your roof. You don’t need to be worried about your gutters becoming clogged from your beautiful trees in Autumn because The Leaf Man can provide you with gum leaf gutter guard and gutter protection from all types of trees.

Gutter Guard and Roof Protection

During storms, you want to be sure water can run freely through your gutters and downpipe. Leaf guard protection can help to ensure this happens. Our leaf guards will keep your gutters clean so that water does not spill over the edges of your gutters and into windows, roof cavities and onto verandahs damaging your home. Without proper leaf guard and roof protection your home could be in serious trouble.

Improves Water Quality

When you live on a property that uses tank water, you want to know that you have the best quality water possible. You can do this by simply adding a leaf guard. Sydney dwellers will find they have better water quality free from leaves, mud, dirt and even bird and vermin droppings. Nobody wants these in their drinking water!

Keep Birds and Vermin at Bay

Many people don’t realise how often birds and other pests nest in their gutters. Trust us, it happens more often than you think. They will invade your ceiling space and then create further issues by causing lice infestations, can ruin electrical cables and may destroy ceilings. The Leaf Man gutter and leaf guards will seal off your gutters and make them completely vermin proof.

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Who Should Install The Leaf Man Leaf Guard?

Central Coast, suburban and city residents may not realise the importance of having gutter leaf guards installed. No matter who you are or where you live, you should be considering installing leaf guard. NSW residents shouldn’t think twice!

Leaf guard gutter reviews say that gutter protection systems do an excellent job of prohibiting full sized leaves from entering gutters. Many even say they feel more at peace and safe in their home with their leaf guard for gutters. Reviews of different leaf guard types can be found all over the web, but we believe you cannot do any better than The Leaf Man Leaf Guard. Reviews are an important part of business and we will always take notice of what our customers are saying so we can improve our product further.

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Leaf Man Leaf Guard – The Choice of Tradesmen

You may be a tradesman looking for a quality product that you can install on your clients gutters. You will find many a different leaf guard types. Gutters are best protected, we believe, with our product. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, The Leaf Man has it covered.

Our leaf guards are made with BlueScope Powder Coated Zinculume® Steel. They are powder coated after perforation so the product has 360° coverage. This coverage prevents metal to metal reactions and will protect the leaf guards from corrosion.

It doesn’t matter what colour your roof is, our gutter protection leaf guards come in all the different Colourbond colours so you don’t have to worry about it not matching the roof. The leaf guards are available in the standard width of 195mm and can also be made to order with widths of up to 800mm.

Our product is compliant in every area including the following:

  • Compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Carries a zero-flammability rating granted by the CSIRO
  • AS1530Pt3 compliant
  • Complies to the requirements of the BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels) rating in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3959-2009.
  • Complies to the guidelines of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Attractive Gutter Guards for All Gutter Types

Our leaf guards are suitable for every gutter type. We have a:

  • Leaf guard for box gutters
  • Leaf guard for half round gutters
  • Leaf guard for edge gutters
  • Leaf guard for S gutter
  • And plenty more…

Simply put, it doesn’t matter what type of gutter you have, we can help you!

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How much will a leaf guard cost?

When it comes to purchasing your leaf guard, price will depend on a number of things. The main factor in the cost will be the amount of gutter protection needed. Larger homes of course, are going to need more length of leaf guard. Estimate how much you may need and we can do our best to give you the possible cost however, the best way for us to give you an accurate quote is to come out and measure your gutters personally.

Contact our National office to speak with one of our staff members who will make a time that suits you for a complimentary gutter assessment and quote. Call us on 1300 888 763 or email info@theleafman.com.au.

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