Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters

Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters

Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters is a fairly easy task. All you need is a ladder and a bit of dedication!

Your gutters could be described as your home’s exterior plumbing. Your wouldn’t keep using your toilet with a blocked train, it’s the same idea with your gutters, you need to keep them clear, it’s the number one key to preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters.

Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters

The following headlines are different types of issues you could be faced with if you are not Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters by cleaning them out regularly.

Water damage

When it rains, a large volume of water is deposited on your roof that must be drained away in a very short time. If your gutters are blocked, this water is unable to escape and builds up rapidly.

If your Gutters are blocked one of these things are likely to happen:

  • The water will run onto and over the eaves of your house, into your roof and then into your ceiling.
  • The water will splash onto the ground under your gutters, causing erosion of garden beds and damage to your walls (from the splash).
  • Worst of all, water will run down the walls of your house and sink into your foundations, causing structural damage over time.

Weight damage

When water collects because of a blocked gutters the gutters become heavy. As your gutter is only attached to the roof by screws and thin strips of metal break! This will cause a flood below and severe damage to your roof.

Pest Infestation

When gutters are blocked, it is usually because of a buildup of leaves and twigs that have blown onto the roof from surrounding trees. This is the perfect pre-made nest for rats, birds, insects and other disease carrying pests.

Bushfire threat

Blocked Gutters full of leaves are also a potential fire hazard. Make sure your Gutters are clean, particularly in summer months, as wind-borne sparks or embers from a bushfire can land in them and start a fire that will see your house burn down.

Cleaning and maintaining your gutters should be a regular part of your home maintenance regime. If you are not comfortable climbing up onto your roof yourself and getting the job done, call a professional or install a Gutter Guard System.

Gutter Guards help you in Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters because they are made from plastic or steel mesh and which fit neatly over the top of gutters to prevent debris from getting in.

They are relatively inexpensive and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. For more information on our Gutter Guard Systems, contact us.