Rain gutter guards

Rain Gutter Guards

If you have a rain water tank you know how difficult it can be to clean it out. What if we told you we knew how to make it a little easier? With rain gutter guards the water in your tank will be cleaner and will reduce the need for cleaning out your tank as often. Rain gutter guards are attached to the guttering on your home and prevent leaves and debris from entering your guttering system and therefore, will also stop them from entering your rainwater tank. Rain gutter guards are one form of pre-filtration before the water enteres you tank. Here at The Leaf Man Australia, we’d like to share some things to think about when you are considering getting a gutter protection system to protect your rainwater.

Rain Gutter Guards & Your Rainwater Tank

  • Be sure that your rain gutter guards comply with your local council fire ratings. The gutters guards will most likely need to be made from a steel mesh to prevent the risk of catching fire. The Leaf Man Australia makes their rain gutter guards with steel and have a 0 fire rating from CSIRO. So you can feel confident you are getting a great fire protection gutter guard system.
  • Make sure the system you purchase for your gutters is not going to trap falling leaves and debris. If you want to keep your rainwater clean, you need to make sure the leaves don’t start building up in your gutters. You can feel safe with our rain gutter guards as they leave no room for leaves to get trapped in the system.
  • Be aware that no rain gutter guard system can give you complete no-maintenance protection. Some maintenance is required. Rain gutter guards will reduce the number of times you are required to clean your gutters however, to keep your rainwater tank clean, you will need to check your gutters from time to time to be sure there are no blockages anywhere at all.
  • You don’t want your rain gutter guards to be an eye sore. Make sure you get guards that match your roof colour and style. Our gutter guard protection system is compatible with steel, aluminium, copper and tile and they come in a range of colours so you can be confident the look of your home will not be negatively affected by adding our protection system.

If you would like further information on our gutter guards and how they can keep your rainwater clean, contact The Leaf Man Australia today!