Rain Gutter Mesh Protection

Rain water still remains one of the safest for human consumption. This is because, unlike other sources of water, it does not contain contaminants. It is for this reason that collection of rain water from the roof of a house needs to be taken seriously. It is not enough to rely on gutters that do not have protection for collecting rain water. A lasting solution needs to be incorporated into the design of today’s gutters.

An innovative solution of a rain gutter mesh from The Leaf Man Gutter Guard is what every home owner in Australia needs. The main advantage that this Australian-made rain gutter mesh is that it effectively filters the debris from the roof, letting the water through and thus minimizing the amount of particles in the final collection tanks. This only leaves you with the task of treating the invisible germs that may still have made their way into the water.

rain gutter mesh

The effectiveness of the rain gutter mesh lies in its unique design and the material used to manufacture it. The mesh is designed with small holes that would not let even the smallest pieces through. You may argue that if the mesh is that fine, wouldn’t it let rain water during a heavy downpour over it instead of into the gutter? Well to answer that you would have to see a demonstration of how it works. No matter what the pitch of your roof may be, the end that is attached to the roofing shingle lets a little water to sip into the gutter. It the downpour is heavy, the rest of the water pushes debris over the gutter to the side of the house. If you have ever tried to pour tea out of a china tea cup, you would understand the last bit of the process. The curve design on the end of the mesh directs the overflowing water back into the gutter. In a very simple way, that is how a rain gutter mesh works.

The second quality of the mesh is its resistance to rust and therefore its durability. The specially manufactured Zinculume steel is resistant to rust and has been designed to remain that way for its entire lifespan. To add to the design the steel may be colored in a special powder-coating process to blend in with the roof and gutter. This specially formulated coat of paint protects the steel from continued exposure to the environment which would cause rust.

Different roofing styles may require different meshes. So depending on the type of roof you have, you can rely on our expert advice, backed by over 10 years of experience, to help you choose which one best fits your gutter needs. All you need to keep in mind is that the rougher the roof shingles, the more the debris collection on it. You should also try and prune the trees around your house to minimize the amount of leaves that end up on the roof and into the gutter. Contact us on this and we will be more than happy to solve your problem.