gutter protectionFor all you renovators out there I feel your pain. Renovating is hard work, and there are always so many choices to make including gutter protection decisions.

Having just been through 12 months of  renovating  our house – (and only half way though), I am so pleased to see Spring arrive Finally I can get out in the garden and away from plaster dust.

Being in the garden also allows me to admire my new roof, gutters and The Leaf Man gutter guard.

All part of the renovation.

Our original tile roof was over 20 years old. My first choice was to replace with another tile but the men in the family convinced me to get a Corrugated one. I am so pleased they did.

I never thought I would call a roof beautiful – but it is! Even our neighbours have commented that they feel like they are part of the BlueScope advertisement where you just want to stand and admire.

We had new guttering in the Colorbond® colour Monument installed first and then the Colorbond® roof went on; also in Monument. Stunning.

Of course we had to have gutter guard installed and my choice was easy. But I realise that the consumer doesn’t have the benefit of being aware of the many and varied gutter protection options and what the pros and cons are of each.

As a female, my first concern was looks. No way did I want anything that would take away the beauty of my roof. I didn’t spend quite a bit of money on my new roof  to have a mass of some ugly product protruding along the gutter line. No way. I wanted my corrugated roof to be the focus of the top of my house – not anything else.

And now from street level, I can’t even see that my new guttering has gutter guard on. That’s what I wanted.

Probably my second if not equal concern was ‘is it going to work?” I can adamantly say it can. After going through the whole mess of renovating and having to have drapes remade, plasterers back to re-plaster, and grouting re-grouted, it was such a relief to have my guttering and The Leaf Man gutter guard installed and working with no further issues. How often can a renovator claim that??

If all our renovations went as smoothly as the installation of our gutters and The Leaf Man gutter guard, I would want to renovate all the time. But of course I won’t. I’m going to enjoy the Spring. And the garden. And I’ll never have to worry about my husband having to clean the gutters again.

A big thank you to The Leaf Man Gutter Guard.