We can Fit Gutters to
all Residential Roof Types.

When it comes to roofs and gutters there are so many different types and styles. That’s why our gutter guard does not come in one standard profile – it is raw material that is custom cut or folded for each individual project.

The Leaf Man is the only gutter guard on the Australian market that fully customises each individual project. Regardless of your roofline or roofing material, we can fit a gutter guard to your home. We custom scallop, cut, trim or fold our gutter guard to suit your roof. No other company offers this unique and individual service.

By the way, The Leaf Man Gutter Guard also has your valleys covered – no matter what your roof style.

If you can’t see your roof type here, We can still help! Just call!

Designed in Australia, our Gutter Guard is adapted for Australian conditions. It is manufactured from locally made, Powder-coated BlueScope Zinculume® Steel and is available in all Bluescope Colorbond® colours.

Protecting your roof from leaf debris and vermin is what we do best. Protecting it from ravaging fires and embers we do equally as well. And with our exacting specialised apertures which capture the maximum amount of water volume from your roof you can rest assured that you are not wasting a drop of invaluable rain.

We love knowing that we’re helping Australians protect their homes with the strength and reliability of our product.

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