roof and gutter care tips

Roof and Gutter Care Tips

We often neglect our roof, obviously we know it’s there but don’t really take any notice of it until something goes wrong. Since we don’t live on our roof, it’s easy to forget that we do actually need to maintain it. With this in mind, we also need to consider the maintenance and care of gutters. These are vital parts of a home and we at The Leaf Man know how important it is to keep your roof and gutters in the best possible shape. So here was have some roof and gutter care tips to help you keep your roof and gutters in order.

Buying a new roof can be expensive, so it’s not something you really want to do. Whether you have an old roof or a new roof, you are going to want to protect it to ensure you don’t have to replace it, and can put your well earned pennies into something more fun for yourself. Here’s our roof and gutter care tips to make them last.

Roof and Gutter Care Tips

Clean The Gutters

The first in our list of roof and gutter care tips is cleaning the guttters. Clogged gutters can cause water damage through your house but did you know that when gutters are blocked the overflow can also go upward. When the gutters become too full of leaves and debris, the water runs upwards and has no where to go, the water can get through into the roof sheathing and rafters and soon things will start rotting. Fixing damage like this cancost thousands, money that you would probably prefer to spend on a trip to Disneyland. Cleaning your gutters regularly can help to avoid this from occuring. If you’d like to know how you can clean your gutters, see our blog:How To Clean Your Gutters.  Another option is to get gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent the build up of leaves and debris in your gutters so cleaning them is not only easy but required less often.

Remove Leaves

The next of our roof and gutter care tips is to remove the leaves from your roof and gutters. If you have a simple peaked roof surrounded by low landscaping, you’ll probaby find that you wont have too many leaves on your roof however, it is possible that leaves have blown from other areas, particularly if you have had windy conditions. If you have a more complicated roof or you have tall trees surrounding your home, then you will find leaves will find their way onto your roof more often. Leaving them on the roof allows the leaves to trap moisture and eventually decompose. This allows the moisture to accumulate in your roof and can create an environment for weeds to grow. You can blow leaves off the roof with a leaf blower, however, you need to ensure you are aware of the danger and have safe practices in place. If this is too hard, you can usually find a great number of professionals who can come and clean your roof for you. If the leaves are damp or too wet, a leaf blower may not work. In this case, you will need to use a hose to wash them off. (Note: Stay away from using a pressure washer as it can force water up under the shingles.)

Get Rid Of Moss

Many roofs can become covered with black algae. It doesn’t actually hurt the roof in any way, but to passers by, it can be unsightly. You can clean your roof of this alge with a little chlorine, bleach or detergent mixed with water. As this is not potentially dangerous to your roof however, you may wish to stay safe and simply leave it alone. You may also find that moss can grow on the roof. This tends to look more three-dimensional than algae and this can be a potential risk to your roof. If you get to the moss fast enough, you should simply be able to sweep it off. If it’s been building up however, you will probably need to kill the moss first with products based on potassium salts of fatty acids. You should only apply your cleaning mixture where the moss is growing and try to keep the wash water from getting into storm drains.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trimming overhanging branches is another important part of our roof and gutter care tips. This will prevent some of the build up from happening on your roof and in your gutters. It can also help to minimise the risk of moss growing on your roof. Overhanging branches can also give small rodents and other pests access to your roof so try to keep the branches well clear. Keep in mind that trimming branches when you are not sure what you are doing is potentially dangerous and you could do more damage than you are preventing, so if you’re not sure what to do, call a professional.

Those are just a few of our roof and gutter care tips. If you care to find out more about how gutter guards can help protect your roof and gutters, contact us at The Leaf Man Australia.

Article by Heidi Cridland