The weather in Australia can be quite temperamental. From scorching summers, rain-drenched winters, and torrential hail, making sure you have the right roof and gutter combination is vital. Innovative roof design is also one of the best ways to aesthetically enhance your home. A properly installed and maintained roof and gutter combination is critical in warding off leaks and water damage. One way to do this is to ensure that your Sydney┬ároof gutters are compatible with the type of roof you have. First, let’s look at the different types of roofing.

The Two Main Types Of Roofing

roof gutters sydneyTiled Roof

Whether concrete or terracotta, a tiled roof is still one of the more sleek roofing options available. Versatile and durable, tiled roofs are long lasting, ensuring you get the most out of your roof investment. Tiled roofs provide a home with fantastic naturally occurring insulation. This means that you will be kept warm in winter and cool in summer. Tiled roofs are completely impermeable to rust or any kind of corrosion. Tiled roofs are also compatible with gutter guards and valley guards. Fitting in just under the first row of tiles gutter guards and a neatly set system of valley guards work perfectly in maintaining effective drainage with a tiled roof.

Corrugated Roofroof gutters sydney

The biggest advantage of corrugated roofing is its excellent drainage ability. Water is able to roll off a corrugated roof and into the gutter effortlessly. This effectively safeguards your home from leaks and water damage. There is a popular misconception that corrugated roofs have a higher chance of rusting than their tiled counterparts. As long as the corrugated material is galvanised there is virtually no chance of rust. The best part is that corrugated roofs can be painted. So with a corrugated roof you can pick the color you want and you can also change the color or repaint the roof whenever you choose to make it look brand new. A guarded gutter can fit perfectly with a corrugated roof by blending the mesh into the corrugations with silicone ensuring a superb finish.

How To Choose The Right Roof

The most important consideration is in regards to durability. A good quality roof should last up to 50 years. No matter what material you choose it needs to be of a quality that will last the test of time. Many homes in Australia may already have a relatively new roof. This means that in most cases a simple roof restoration job may be the best option. Instead of a complete roof overhaul, a paint job, new valley guards, and a good quality gutter is all you need to make sure your roof is looking good and measuring up to the harsh climate of Australia.

roof gutters sydney

How To Choose The Right Roof Gutters Sydney

Knowing that you have the roof that you want, you’ll need to look at choosing the right roof gutters. Firstly consider the colour characteristics of the roof and house overall. You want to ensure your gutter is complimenting the roof as a gutter can add the final touch to a home. You also need to ensure that the guttering has high quality certified stainless steel gutter guards. Gutter guards will ensure the longevity of your gutters, prevent leaks and water damage, and protect your home from bushfires. You also need to ensure your guttering is compatible with your roof type. The Leaf Man’s gutter guards and valley guards are designed to be compatible with almost any type of roof in Australia.

The choice to upgrade your roof and gutters is a financially prudent one. A polished roof and gutter combination can add to the value of a property in Australia immensely. So get out of the gutter Australia and take the step to a better looking home.

Once you’ve got your Sydney roof gutters in place, then it’s just a matter of getting leaf guards to protect your home which is what we at The Leaf Man are known for. When it comes to protecting your home and your family with gutter guards, we are the experts. Contact us to find out more.

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