Roof Materials

Roof Materials

Lately in Australian media the publicity of the advantages of tile roof materials over metal roof materials has become a debatable topic.

Companies are beginning to reconsider their materials and what the public is interested in, especially as the ‘GREEN THEME’ is around.

The roof is one of the largest external facing surfaces of a home and the choice of the roof materials determines the internal living temperatures and household energy use, therefore it plays a vital role to the house.

Deciding your roof materials isn’t as simple as it looks.

The main aim of a roof is to keep the rain out. Tiled or metal roofs both achieve this but the question is, which one is better? The truth is, there will always be advantages and disadvantages with both.

An advantage to both tile and metal roof materials is that Gutter Guards are able to be placed on roofs made from any type of materials.

Roof tiles have much more reflective than metal roofing, as they reflect 75.4% of solar energy compared to Metal Roofing which reflects a total of 67.6% of solar energy; therefore Roof tiles have a higher sales rate, but not by much.

Roof materials are also measured in their ability to be recycled and on average tiles are 8 times less likely to be a recycled product whereas the steel roofing is close to 100% recycled.This becomes a huge loss for the tiles in relation to “go green” as they are seen as an unfriendly product.

When being constructed metal roofing is simply delivered, located and fixed leaving it much more time efficient than tiles. Tiles are an on-site disturbance. The are noisy to lay and take time. They are also known as waste intensive.

There are no available statistics, but metal roof materials are more efficient in transport costs to deliver than tiles and the metal roofing system offers a much lighter overall building structure for support. If two houses next to each other, one with tiles, the other with metal roof materials are measured for their “Go Green” acceptability, metal would come out on top.

Metal roofing is more environmentally friendly and suitable for residential housing and therefore, in relation to Metal Roofing Vs. Tiles, Metal roof materials wins.

If you have decided on which winner comes out on top in the battle of roof materials and are now looking for the right Gutter Guard protection for your home, please, contact us.