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Roof Safety Tips : Make Use of Harnesses and Ropes Available

If you’re considering getting up on your roof for any reason whether it may be installing gutter guards, cleaning your roof or cleaning your gutters, there are a number of safety risks involved. Roof safety should be your top priority. If you neglect any necessary considerations because you are eager to get your roof cleaned or your gutter protection in place, you are at more risk for accidents. Take the time to make sure you are safe, don’t take the risk, it’s not worth it!

Here are some roof safety tips to keep in mind when you are installing gutter guards, cleaning gutters or making repairs to your roof and gutters.

Roof Safety Tips

  • Ensure the work area is clean, organised and blocked off from pets and children. Pets and children can easily get in the way without realising they are a danger to you.
  • Look at what footwear you have on. Soft soled footwear has most optimum traction.
  • If the temperature is extremely hot or very cold you may want to postpone your roof work. The temperature can actually hinder the work you are trying to do.
  • Don’t work on the roof while it is wet or slippery. There is a higher chance you will slip and fall off the roof in wet weather.
  • One of the greatest roof safety tips is to take advantage of safety equipment. Having a harness and ropes can be extremely beneficial.

Roof Safety Tips While Using A Ladder

  • Don’t ignore warning labels on ladders and stay away from ladders that are damaged.
  • Make sure the floor you are placing the ladder on is stable. Sometimes, it may help to have a second person who is able to keep the ladder steady while you climb.
  • If you are near power lines, avoid using a metal ladder.
  • Remove any slippery material.
  • Remember your ladder safety. Keep 3 points of contact at all times and always face the ladder while you climb.
  • The top rung of a ladder is not always intended to be used as a step. It’s important you know your ladder and use it appropriately.
  • Don’t use ladders for anything other than their purpose.
  • For the safest angle, place the base of the ladder a quarter of the working length of the ladder away from the wall or other vertical surface. eg. if your gutters are 10 feet from the ground, your ladder should be placed 2.5 feet out from your gutters.
  • Make sure ladder locks are correctly engaged.
  • The last of our ladder roof safety tips is, never leave a ladder unattended. This is for the safety of kids and other who may try to climb while no one is watching.

These are just a few roof safety tips. Of course there are many things that you will need to take into consideration when installing gutter guards or cleaning gutters. For more information on gutter guards, or installation of gutter guards, contact us at The Leaf Man Australia.