Seasonal Roof care Tips

Seasonal Roof care Tips

We’ve put together a few Seasonal Roof Care Tips to help you look after your roof and Gutter Guards in the Winter.

Hot, wet Summers are different to cold, dry Winters (obviously), so the care your gutters requires is different care.

Save our Winter Seasonal Roof Care tips for when the weather turns. Whether you get snow or it just gets cold, you’ll appreciate our Seasonal Roof Care Tips which will keep your roof functioning and yourself safe.  

Seasonal Roof Care Tips in the Snow Season!

Contrary to most people’s thinking, in most cases, there is no need to remove snow from a roof; It should melt and run into the gutters. However, after a heavy snowfall it is wise to remove some as the weight could cause your roof to collapse.

For sloped roofs

Be EXTRA careful. Ice on the roof  makes it more slippery than usual making it more dangerous to be on your roof. Make sure you have a ladder and a specially designed roof rake to remove excess snow from the roof. Do not strike the roof with the rake or attempt to remove all of the snow from the roof’s surface as this can damage the tiles.

For flat roofs

Most flat roofs are designed to carry heavy snow, but if the snow load is more than the building was designed to carry you will need a professional roofing contractor to make sure the snow can be removed without damaging the roof. One of the best Seasonal Roof Care Tips we can give you is to hire a professional. They will always complete the job more thoroughly and safely and it will save you a lot of time.

Seasonal Roof Care Tips for when it’s freezing cold!

During periods of freezing temperature, check your roof for frozen ice dams. Frozen dams occur when water (from rain or snow) freezes on your roof. This water, if left too long, leads to moisture damage on your roof-line.


If you need any more seasonal roof care tips for the winter months contact us. 


Written by Heidi Cridland