The Leaf Man Gutter Guard Melbourne

Silver Gumleaf and Copper Gumleaf in memory of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires

After the recent horrid bushfires that razzed throughout Victoria, destroying both life and hope, it was a blessing to be able to do ‘something’ to ‘somehow’ show we cared.

When The Leaf Man heard of The Tree Project organised through the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Vic)  our attention was immediately focused.

To erect a monument where both individuals and businesses could put their own stamp and their own sympathy on a beautiful display, forever to remain as a holy reminder of the life’s lost but certainly not forgotten, we believed was just beautiful in both thought and project.

Blacksmiths from around the world were invited to produce gumleaves to put on the trees.

Stunning pieces have been produced. The Leaf Man Gutter Guard gumleaf was forged in both a copper and a silver gumleaf. We’ve attached pictures to show the stunning work.

You can find out more about The Tree Project via www.

As yet we haven’t sighted the finished tree but are greatly looking forward to it.

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