Important Sydney Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter cleaning is a hard and risky job that needs special knowledge. You can acquire this knowledge by running helpful tricks and tips for the process to be easier and safer. Most people find this job unpleasant and time consuming and so they only do it whenever the gutter system has a problem. For better care, the cleaning should be done at least two times in a year, in late fall and in early spring. This ensures that your gutter system does not hold any accumulated debris.

Sydney Gutter Cleaning

Remember to be extremely careful when carrying out the exercise. Safety precautions are necessary so use your ladder correctly to avoid cases of injury. Gutters are usually unstable and so you need to use a solid, stable ladder placed against a solid surface. One very important tip is not to position the ladder leaning against the gutter system. The aluminum material of the gutter may give in to your weight causing a fall. Recommendable general rule dictates that for every 4-ft height, the ladder base ought to be 1-ft away from the house. Another safety tip is to face forward every time you are climbing up or down the ladder. Remember to place at least one of your hands on the ladder all the time.

Prior to starting the cleaning activity, gather all the cleaning materials in one place to minimize movement during the activity. The materials include: a ladder, a gutter scoop, a pair of gloves and a bucket which has a hook. When moving up the ladder, carry the assembled materials for convenience. Put on your gloves, put the hook and scoop inside the empty bucket and hang the bucket on your arm in such a way that you will be able to use both hands for climbing purposes. Once you are up and on the gutter system, place the hook on the ladder’s rung and hang the bucket. You will now be ready to clean the debris out of the gutter system.

Do not at any one time ignore use of gloves. Gloves are very important for safety purposes since they protect your hands from injury since most gutter systems have sharp edges. Gloves also ensure that your skin does not come into contact with debris, mold, bacteria and other contaminants in the system.

Make sure you use a gutter scoop. This tool allows you to pick out more leaves with each scoop and have and extended reach. This means you will not be required to move your ladder as many times. Some home owners may use their hands but the process is not as efficiently carried out as when you use a gutter scoop.

When you are done with the cleaning, remember to test your gutter system by rinsing it with a garden hose. The test ensures that your downspouts do

not have any clogs. Position the gutter in such a way that the slope of the system is adequately steep to avoid any formation of water pools. The flow of water as it goes in to the downspout should be the same as the flow of water as it comes out.

Use the above Sydney gutter cleaning tricks and tips and you will love the results.