An Overview of Sydney Leaf Guard Products

Homeowners in Sydney should keep their rain gutters free of leaves and other debris. Failure to do so will result in water backing up in the downspouts and filling the gutters. Should this happen, the water’s weight can bend or dislodge the gutter. Even worse, the water can spill down into the house and cause damage to doors, windows, siding or the foundation. One way of preventing this from happening is by installing some type of a leaf guard. Below is an overview of Sydney leaf guard products.

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It is important for a homeowner to inspect gutters and downspouts at least twice per year to ensure that leaves and debris have not accumulated in them. Installing a leaf guard system will prevent regular gutter cleaning. There are various different leaf guard products in the Sydney market. They range from cheap wire screening to expensive enclosed gutter-control systems. There is a variety of screen types that filter debris from water, such as cheap screen panels and some expensive micro-mesh systems. Also, Sydney homeowners can go for solid gutter covers capable of deflecting debris while letting the water pass. Gutter inserts made using brushes or foams are also available, and are capable of preventing debris from accumulating in gutters while allowing water to drain via the channels.


Each of these products has its own benefits. When making a choice, the homeowner will have to deal with some major decisions. One of them is the price of the product. In addition, leaf guards will vary in the degree of effectiveness depending on the product. For instance, some may effectively block debris but allow a significant amount of water to spill over the eaves. Others may reject most of the debris but not all of it, meaning that they have to undergo occasional cleaning. Depending on their design, this may require more effort than cleaning gutters without covers if it is not easy to remove their guards.


Some leaf guards work excellently below broad-leaf trees, but may be poor at rejecting seeds or needles. Others are ideal for low-sloped roofs while allowing a lot of spill-over on a metal or steeply pitched roof. Certain guards lead to huge icicles in freezing and snowy weather. It is advisable for a Sydney homeowner to find out which gutter control systems are being used by neighbors, particular if all the houses in the neighborhood have a similar

roof and architecture. This is unless he or she decides to go for the cheapest and easiest-to-install leaf guards.


Fine-mesh leaf guards are more effective when compared to common gutter screening. They are usually placed on across gutter tops and utilize sieve-like screens or panels to separate debris from rainwater. In addition, their mesh is super-fine in a way that they are tiny enough to capture sand. This feature makes them ideal for both rainwater recovery systems and convectional gutter guards that gather rainwater for landscape watering.


When compared to other leaf guards, fine-mesh gutter screens usually perform excellently. They prevent entry of almost all roof debris while allowing most of the water to pass. Perhaps their only shortcoming is that they are more expensive. All in all, they are cheaper than solid- top leaf guards and have longer guarantees.