As Australian home owners focus on keeping their homes and especially their gutters fire resistant this winter, The Leaf Man Australia is proud to introduce a greener way of keeping the leaves at bay with their Leaf Guard gutter protection.

The Leaf Man Gutter Guard has always provided the optimum way to keep gutters debris free, fire proof and bird proof. Their leaf guard is also essential for the harvesting of cleaner tank water.

Now in its undertaking to retain its position as the leader in the leaf guard & gutter protection industry, The Leaf Man Australia is pleased to announce the release of its 3 dimensional powder coated leaf guard gutter protection.

The Leaf Man Australia is proud to be the only Australian company who produce their gutter guard from start to finish from its manufacturing plant in Australia.

We begin by expanding the BlueScope coils to our exacting measurements for the most efficient apertures. We then powder coat each piece individually resulting in a 3 dimensional protected finish. From there each piece is either cut or folded to suit the required roof and gutter profile.

Jarrod Clarkson, general manager of The Leaf Man Australia said “We have been installing The Leaf Man gutter and leaf guard here in Australia for the last 14 years with outstanding results!

However with the constant testing and monitoring of our product against the extremes of the Australian climate we knew that we could produce yet again a stronger & more environmentally friendly product.

And now we have and are pleased to pass on the benefits to our clients.

These benefits include:
? A smoother leaf guard product surface which facilitates a greater removal of debris
? The strength of the leaf guard steel is now coupled with the further protective properties of powder coating.
? Powder coating is non-toxic to the environment. Further reassurance when gutters are used for collecting rainwater.
? A non-corrosive finish, ensuring maximum protection against salt spray and UV rays.
? A non- reactive effect ensuring compatibility with all metal finishes on roofs and gutters.
? Aesthetically appealing – no ugly sagging or fixing filaments.
? Flammability index of Zero (0) which complies with council requirements
? Powder coating on the leaf guard emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC)
? Powder coating overspray can be recycled and thus it is possible to achieve nearly 100% use of the coating
? Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coating

In addition to their own product going greener, Jarrod Clarkson knows that “It is just as important for each Australian family to do their part in their homes, as it is for Australian companies such as The Leaf Man Australia”

The Leaf man Australia’s Tips for a Greener Home:
? Install a water tank and harvest rain water
? Keep the cold air out and warm air in by minimizing draughts. Pop a snake under door jams and cover large glass/window areas with heavy curtains
? When purchasing heaters look at the energy star ratings for a good indication of the appliances energy efficiency
? Insulate your home – it will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer months
? Hang your clothes on the clothes line on sunny days or inside on a clothes horse on rainy days. Clothes dryers produce more than 3 kilograms of greenhouse gases per cycle!

The Leaf Man Australia P/L is a family owned and operated company entering its 14th year as a specialist in Premium Steel Gutter Leaf Guard.

“We have been protecting the roofs of Australian homes for over 14 years and will continue to have a clear goal of striving for a greener and more environmentally conscious ways of doing business both for now and the future”.