The Leaf Man Gutter Guard

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Tile Roofing Range

There are two basic types of roof tiles -
Cement and Terracotta.

Both tiles come in either flat or raised profile and are known under many different names such as Swiss, concrete tile, glazed terracotta and more

We create a fold from the measurement of the step from your tile to gutter. Our gutter guards are custom manufactured to fit your roof so there is a secure fit.

It sits on the lip of the gutter and slips neatly under the first row of tiles for a perfect fit and look. No need to go over the second row!

And it ensures that nothing will get info your roofline. An absolute necessity for fire prevention as so many fires start when embers ignite with debris under your roof!

We have spent years researching and developing the best performing gutter protection for Australian conditions. The Leaf Man is the best choice for quality gutter guards for your tiled roof.

Tile Roof Installations.