Trimming overhanging trees

Trimming overhanging trees

Trimming overhanging trees that are dropping debris on your roof can be a difficult and dangerous chore.

The proper equipment is necessary to ensure you don’t do yourself, or your roof, any damage. For large trees or branches that are hovering above your roof line, call in the experts.

If the job is something you think you can manage, follow our safety tips to ensure you don’t end up with any broken guttering, windows, or limbs.

Trimming overhanging trees step 1: Stabilizing yourself, and the tree

Make sure your ladder is sitting even on the ground and doesn’t wobble. using a rope, tie the ladder to a high branch on the tree (that you won’t be removing) this will help it to keep steady.

Trimming overhanging trees step 2: Cover up

Put on all the necessary safety equipment for the job. Boots, gloves, hard hat, eye and ear protection.

Trimming overhanging trees step 3: Chainsaw school

Knowing how to cut the branches of your tree safely is vital. When using the chainsaw, cut the branches from the tip down towards the trunk in small sections.

Trimming overhanging trees step 4: Don’t go it alone.

We highly advise that you don’t manage the job alone.

If you are doing the job yourself. Use ropes to counter-manage the weight of the branches and ensure the swing of the dropping branch doesn’t knock you off your ladder.

Tie a rope off close in to the tree, lower than the branch that you are cutting, then tie the loose end to the section you are getting ready to cut.

This will ensure the branch swings back toward the tree in a controlled arc when you cut it. You can then untie it and drop it to the ground in a safe area.

Trimming overhanging trees step 5: Half a tree looks silly

While you need to make sure you have removed all branches that are a threat to your home, you also need to make sure the tree is balanced.

After you have removed any dangerous branches, have a look at the other side of the tree and remove a couple of branches to even up the weight of the tree.

Trimming overhanging trees step 6: Recycle

Slice the branches into even sections and use/sell as firewood

While keeping your gutters clean is important, your safety is paramount. If it’s a job you don’t think you can d alone, contact us, we’d be happy to find someone who can help.