Australian Standards

The Leaf Man & Australian Standards

With the bushfire season approaching we, at The Leaf Man Gutter Guards, decided we should share some information about the Australian Standards and Gutter Guards. The Leaf Man Australia complies with all the standards necessary to offer a high quality safe product. Read more about the Australian Standards and gutter guards below.

Australian Standards & Gutter Guards

Excerpt from BlueScope Steel FACT SHEET | Version 1 | April 2011

Adapted to The Leaf Man Gutter Guard manufactured from BlueScope Zinculume® Steel.


Australian Standards AS3959-2009:

Constructionof buildings in bushfire-prone areas

Australian Standards AS3959-2009 specifies the requirements for the construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas in order to improve their resistance to bushfire attack from burning embers, radiant heat, flame contact and combinations of the three attack forms. The objective of the Standard is to provide greater protection for the occupants who may be sheltering in a building while the fire front passes and to increase the chances of the building surviving (Ref. A guide to building in Victoria after the bushfires, Victorian Building Commission). Although AS3959-2009 is designed to improve the performance of buildings when subjected to bushfire attack in designated bushfire-prone areas, it does not  guarantee that a building will survive a bushfire event on every occasion. This is substantially due to the unpredictable nature and behaviour of fire and extreme weather conditions (Ref. Australian Standard AS3959-2009, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone area

AS3959-2009 classifies building sites into six different “Bushfire Attack Levels”. The most severe risk zone is “Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone” (BAL-FZ). In this zone, there is an extremely high risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, and a likelihood of exposure to an extreme level of radiant heat and direct exposure to flames from the fire front (Ref. Australian Standard 3959-2009). This is an extremely aggressive environment for all  building materials, and building systems that perform in this environment can be expensive and complex to install. Building performance in a fire event is dependent on the simultaneous performance of a range of building elements including the subfloor, floors, external walls, external glazed elements and assemblies (windows), external doors and the roofing system.

This Fact Sheet relates only to the roofing system requirements of AS3959-2009 and should be used as a guide only.

Disclaimer and warning

To the extent permitted by law, The Leaf Man Australia excludes all liability (including liability in negligence) for any loss or damage suffered by any person arising out of, or in connection with, any use of or reliance of the information contained in our Information Sheet. This Information Sheet provides general information about the performance of specified gutter protection systems against Australian Standard AS3959-2009. The information provided is of a general  nature only and is based on data available to The Leaf Man Australia at the time of publication. It is your responsibility to consider the suitability of products to be used in your specific project. It is important to be aware that compliance  with this Information Sheetdoes not guarantee that a building or its occupants will survive a bushfire. and there is no guarantee that the gutter protection systems detailed in this Information Sheet will survive a bushfire. 


We will be posting more about The Leaf Man and Austrlian standards soon.